Nov. 11, 2019


Hubris told me that he was very proud and pleased about my use of his great idea for the subject (The Job Description) of my last blog and that he thought I ‘nailed’ Trump’s job performance to the ‘Job Description’ requirements. I have to give him credit for his ‘horse sense’ regarding what’s going on in the run-up to our next election. I tried to be making a joke when I told him that we had a ‘horse’s ass’ now running and ruining our country and I had hopes that we would find a candidate with basic ‘horse sense’ to lead us forward in the 2020 election. However, he said that I had offended him in my use of those old fashioned ‘horsey’ terms. Quite frankly, I don’t think he had any problem with my equation of Trump to any animal body part, he just didn’t like my equation of any part of himself to the despicable character of our present, Thief-in-Chief, President, Donald J. Trump. I congratulated Hubris for his intellectual acuity and I apologized to him for my thoughtless use of old-fashioned metaphors.

     Most of the recent state elections results are in and they seem to indicate a serious lessening of ‘Trump enthusiasm’ perhaps providing evidence that the winds of public opinion really are ‘a-changing’! 

     Weekends usually provide a brief respite from ‘Trump-chicanery’—but this one proved to be an exception: A court decision was rendered late last week that seems to have temporarily flown under my radar. The fact that tomorrow, Monday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day and that court decision of last Thursday—that I learned about this morning when reading the story confusingly titled ‘No Charitable Thought for Donald Trump’article in the ‘Sunday Review’ section of today’s New York Times—provided a ‘quick-start’ to my brain and made me want to get to work writing this week’s blog now!  And ‘now’ is, of course, Sunday afternoon—which I usually devote to reading, not writing.

     I learned just minutes ago, by reading that article, that; a New York judge ruled Thursday, November 7th, 2019, that Donald J. Trump must pay Two Million Dollars in damages for having used $2,800,000 that his ‘Trump Foundation’ had raised ‘for veterans in Iowa’ to pay his personal bills (including at $10K portrait of himself) and his presidential campaign expenses. He had previously, legally agreed to not use any of his ‘Foundation’ monies to pay off the $25 Million in damages awarded to people his ‘Trump University’ had defrauded.  The article goes into much further detail about the ‘Trump Foundation’ including the judge’s ruling that Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, who were Trump Foundation officers, “agreed to undergo training to help them avoid similar missteps going forward.” When I had finished reading the article, I had several questions; Why didn’t the Judge fine Trump the entire $2.8 million, why didn’t the judge sentence Donald, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric to time in jail for fraud and, the most important question, how did our country elect this total fraudulent person, a confirmed liar, thief and con-artist, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America? A significant corollary question immediately occurred to me; who allowed this ‘judge’ to be a Judge and will he really be allowed to continue to claim that title! And last, I recommend that all of my readers and every eligible voter read the complete article. Just ‘Google’ the article name, Sunday Nov. 10, 2019, New York Times, Sunday Review section.

      Let’s imagine a ‘Donald J. Trump scorecard’.  I don’t know exactly where to start or the time-line of his illegal or totally immoral activities but let’s hope my readers will fill in any blanks or ‘missed’ felonious events;

Trump Admitting (and proudly claiming his) Sexually Abusive Fondling of Contestants

Trump Borrowing to Leverage his Real Estate Deals (Don’t cry for me Deutsche Bank!)

Trump University Fraud

Trump Foundation Fraud

Stormy Daniel Payments

Karen McDougal Payments

Omission of His Tax Returns

Emoluments Gained


Stupidity of his ‘Trade Policy Dealing’ and Costs to the US Economy



     I apologize if I have failed to list any significant instance or event worthy of including in his list of felonious activities or events. I have to give him credit, only a total expert con-man or totally ‘top’ professional/criminal could get away with all of these ‘events’ or ‘activities’ and not be in jail- for life.

      So, tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. The ‘Donald’ is supposed to make the opening speech to ‘kick-off’ the Veteran’s Day parade in New York City, or is it in Washington, D.C.(?), tomorrow. No matter, I just want to hear what he is going to say to those veterans from Iowa.

     Lou (As usual, not professionally edited)



                                              Copyright, November 10, 2019, Louis J. Christen

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