July 31, 2020


Medical scientists in Germany have reported a strange new disease that has seemed to have originated in the State of New York, perhaps as long as eight or ten years ago, then erupted in Florida, slowly spread through most of middle America—especially prevalent in the old rust-belt states and red-neck rural areas— and then was transferred to Washington, D.C., where it has thrived. The WPO (World Political Organization) in Geneva, Switzerland, has estimated that perhaps as many as 48 percent of the United States electorate have been infected with this relatively new disease at one time or another. The medical experts, while agreeing that many of the disease symptoms have been evidenced throughout world history, suspect that this is the first time in the history of the United States of America that so many of the symptoms have come together in one significant individual and have appeared in such a large portion of the American electorate at the same time.  From a medical perspective, there is no other reason as to how this condition has spread so severely, other than it is a very strange and, as yet, unidentified virus. The experts also note that all of the symptoms are now much more severe than ever.

      The WPO has now identified most of the main symptoms of this new disease. Their political scientists have been surprised to learn that the basic DNA of what they now consider to be the main supporting cell of this type of viral infection has a genetic defect that combines hatred-of- others with love-of-self and extreme avarice.  The result is:  a money-grubbing, egocentric, fool  who hates anyone or everyone who threatens his, or her, sense of ‘entitlement’. Worse is the fact, that the ‘ego-centric-fool’ part is most often coupled with a very low intelligence and, surprising even medical scientists, an extreme inability to discern reality from fantasy. A corollary of that condition is that the person with this disease lies a lot—and never admits he, or she, has done so.  In summary, the symptoms of this disease are: hatred of ‘others’, avarice, greed, lust, extreme ego-mania, and an inability to understand the difference between right and wrong.

     Because this virus seems to affect the brain rather than an organ of the body, the primary diagnosticians are Psychiatrists rather than Medical Doctors. The fact that this condition is a result of a combination of viruses makes diagnosing, identification, and treatment much more complicated. At present, the Psychologists ‘name’ for a person with this mental condition is called a ‘Narcissistic Sociopath’.  This is the combination of having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) along with an Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). While Psychiatrists really don’t know the exact causes of either NPD or APD, environment, genetics and neurobiology are believed to all play a role. Psychiatrists have found that these disorders are more common in males than females and begin in the teenage or early adult years. Here are the major symptoms of each disorder:


    Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (exaggerates achievements and abilities)

    Preoccupied with dreams of unlimited power, success, physical attractiveness

    Holds the belief that they are of special or high status

    Has a need for excessive admiration

    Possesses a sense of entitlement and expects favorable treatment or compliance

    Exploits other people to achieve personal goals

    Lacks empathy regarding the needs and feelings of other people

    Is envious of other people or thinks other people envy them

    Has arrogant behaviors and attitudes.



    Repeated failure to follow social norms

    Engaging in deceitfulness (lying)

    Impulsivity and aggressiveness

    Reckless disregard or concern for the safety of others

    Lack of responsibility for financial commitments

    Lack of remorse about hurting others


    When you put these two ‘diseases’ together you get a person on a quest for power and control, who uses the love and admiration of others as a tool to dominate and manipulate, and who goes about all of this thinking that it is their right and that they are totally justified in all of their actions. There will be no guilt, no apologies, and no remorse coming from a narcissistic sociopath.


     (Note; I didn’t ‘make up’ any of the above. These are symptoms and conclusions copied out of medical journals. Lou)


     This disease had, until recently, only been seen in leaders of third world countries. Most probably, it was first alerted as a serious potential problem by German scientists because they had experienced many of those same symptoms in a leader about a century ago whose name was Adolph Hitler. Given the history of what happened to their country, and how the United States and the WPO eliminated that ‘leader’ and eventually restored peace and a semblance of order in their country, it is safe to assume that they ‘sounded the alarm’ out of a sense of obligation or gratitude and with the hope that the United States would take precautionary actions to prevent its’ further spread and find a vaccine to stamp it out as soon as possible.

     The fact that the regular symptoms of this disease occur so often in every society, and date back in ancient history far past the Greco-Roman times that they have been considered the basic elements of evil in the history of world society, and, not surprisingly, the history of world religions, should be cause for concern. Lust–for Power and Privilege, Avarice, and Greed vs Faith, Hope, and Charity sounds, at first, to be sort of like the Goliath vs David battle. However, no society in history has endured espousing those ‘Goliath’ vices. A much simpler way to describe this situation is the continuing battle between Good and Evil.

     History and medicine aside, I believe I’ve found the perfect name for the combination of NPD and APD. I suggest we call it—-(trumpets, please)—- The Trump Virus!

     I explained all of my reasoning and research to Hubris (while feeding him some fresh carrots) and all he did was laugh. Finally, when he had eaten all the carrots, he looked at me and said, “Lou, you know that viruses don’t cause mental illness!” “Hubris”, I said, “Until the brain doctors come up with a better explanation, let’s do our enabling electorate a favor and blame Donald’s condition on a virus. It’s obvious from Trump’s behavior in dealing with the Covid 19 virus pandemic, that he doesn’t even know what a virus is, much less how to deal with one. Besides, given his mental condition, he will think it a great honor to have something truly evil named for him. Hubris turned to look at me and said, “Lou, it’s a good thing the monsoon rains are forecast for this evening or you might have found yourself bucked off into a drainage ditch!”  

     So, no ‘Hi Ho Hubris’ again tonight. Let’s hope we get more rain. We really need it! (Probably less than we really need intellectual acuity in our electorate!)

     Adios to all—and stay safe,



                                                                      Copyright, July 31, 2020, Louis J. Christen

The Un-named Virus, Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!