June 5, 2020


GrrrSplat! (That’s the sound of the right hand of President Donald J. Trump—which held the Bible (up-side down) which he had taken from the Trinity Church without their permission, when he proclaimed his anger over public protests about George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis Police— hitting the big blades of the grinder at the end of the disposal cylinder and dropping into the black, 50 gallon, drum below the exit end of the chamber.)  GrrrrrSplat! (That’s Trump’s head hitting the big blades of the grinder and dropping into the black drum.)  GrrrrrrrrrrrSplat, GrrrSplatSplat! GrrSplatSplat! (That’s Trump’s body, legs, and feet hitting the big blades of the grinder as the deleterious, red tie, blue suit at al, exits the grinder chamber, drops into the big, black, drum and a sanitation worker puts a lid on the drum and a metal seal to prevent its’ reopening.)  Vaaaaruuum. (That’s the sound of the garbage truck of the Washington, DC, Sanitation Department carrying the drum off to the dump for disposal.) —Don’t we all wish the end of this horror story could come as simply, and totally without ceremony, as that?

     This horror-show of modern American politics must end soon, or we are all going to die of either an incredible case of intellectual and emotional deprivation or one of fear and trembling at how we are going to harness the draculian, blood-sucking, monster let loose on our society by a careless and un-thinking electorate. It’s one thing to have an electorate that has been careless but it’s another, and much more serious problem, to have an electorate that has been so ——– dumb as to elect a sociopath to run our country, and allowed him to stay unchecked in doing so, for three and a half years! As far as I am concerned, this evidences criminal conduct by our Senate and electorate, not to mention criminal conduct by an idiot President!  

    “ How do I kill Liberals?” (Donald Trump says to America, the country he has come to rule, in his, just opening on Broadway (i.e. the White House), new play, titled The Trump Presidency.) “Let me count the ways! First, I will shut the door on the endless stream of immigrants who want to come here to our great country just to rape, rob, and pillage us normal, White, first American citizens of this great country! (Note. He forgot the Native Americans who were actually here first!) And then, I will, once and for all, drain the swamp in the Deep State of our government departments, that just wastes our money, by eliminating all of those people or departments who think they are more intelligent than I am and are doing research on dumb things like medicine, climate change, pandemics, international trade policy, and/or counter intelligence (whatever  that is!!!!)  Fuck all of them –and the Black horse they came riding in on! I will really make America White again! Just as I have always promised! And if you don’t think that’s enough, I will take down all of the stupid and wasteful international agreements that Black fool, Obama, (He wasn’t really born in America, yu-all know that!)  put in place—just to show that arrogant Nigger how much I hate his black ass! Whites rule this country!!! If you don’t agree with me, just talk to Mitch McConnell, or any other Republican Senator –because –you dumb liberal suckers—us White Guys (no bitches!) are now in control of this country god made for White men!! We are going to show you dumb suckers how a country should be run—if it’s the last thing I and my Republican Senator friends will do!!” (Ed. Let’s hope that he won’t be given any more chances than he has already!)

    And all of that was just for starters! Donald has been doing his best, since he was elected to office, to destroy any semblance of democracy or valuable government agency, international treaty or relationship formed in any previous administration since day one when he gained the office as President of the United States of America. His actions, while in office, would be considered ‘Comic relief’ if they weren’t so serious, dangerous, and potentially long lasting. How can he be allowed to ‘get away’ with this kind of treasonous behavior? Only a willing and corrupt Supreme Court and Congress, along with an equally lazy and corrupt electorate, could ‘excuse’ that kind of behavior. If that’s what we have, maybe we deserve what is happening to us? Maybe the ‘White Folks’ in charge don’t really want us to have a real Democracy? Maybe George Floyd got what he deserved for being just another arrogant Nigger?

     Maybe it’s time for the people of this country to get off of their soft asses and face reality? Maybe we will have to get serious about what we want this country to be –sooner than later. These are serious questions and it’s about time we asked them of ourselves. I’ve never in my life seen our country more fractured, broken, and divided as it is now, either because of or in spite of, Donald J. Trump.  He has to be awarded the badge for being the number one ‘Asshole in America’ today.  (He will like being #1 in anything!) But the question is, “What are we going to do about him?” Another Impeachment probably won’t work –as long as Mitch rules the Senate. Appealing to his ‘better instincts’ to resign, probably won’t work, because, he doesn’t have any ‘better instincts’. Wait for November 3rd?  Dangerous! Maybe our only hope, short of a real guns and bullets revolution, is that the Republicans will feel the heat of electorate disgust with Donald Trump and throw him under the bus before the election? But—what then America?!

     I think that America is at a terribly important crossroads. As those who write for the New York Times are won’t to say, “It’s time for America to shit or get off the pot!” It’s nice of them to say that because they probably aren’t going to be facing the rifles, shotguns, and AR 15 machine guns of the US Army. It is forever thus in any revolution. Those that incite, don’t fight! If you don’t believe that –just ask the Floyd family what you can do for them the next Kwanzaa, or Christmas.

     It’s now time for me to stop typing and have my evening sips of Uncle Jack’s finest. But, before doing that, I went out to feed a few carrots to Hubris.  Hubris, I said, “Is it time for our people to really care about whether they have a real democracy, or not? Hubris replied, “Lou, you wish for too much from a people who are lazy and spoiled.” I said, quietly, “Thanks, Hubris, for telling me the truth! Let’s saddle up and go as far away from this horrible reality as possible.” And, that’s what we did. If ever there was a place in the world that is 100% non-political, it’s the ditch banks along the Rio Grande. And so, for a brief interlude, it’s Hi, Ho, Hubris, Aaaway!

     Until next week, stay safe, and Adios Amigos!



                                                                   Copyright, June 5, 2020, Louis J. Christen

The Shit Hits the Fan! Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!