January 1, 2021


Sorry, my typo-finding friends, the word ‘Lost’ in the title isn’t a miss-spelling. I know the difference between the words ‘last’ and ‘lost’. I could have written ‘this last year was also a lost year’ but that seemed a bit long for a title. Isn’t it amazing how changing only one letter in a word, phrase, or sentence can change the meaning so significantly? And, isn’t it amazing that the character defects of only one person can result in hundreds of thousands of deaths, economic chaos, and political disruption so severe that it has threatened the social fabric of a country in existence for over 240 years, with over 300 million citizens—not to mention a country that has survived two World Wars, a Civil War, several plagues and previous pandemics!

     Donald J. Trump has proven his Nieces’ warning. Dr. Mary L. Trump, a certified Doctor of Psychiatry, warned that her Uncle, Donald J. Trump, could/would prove to be “The most dangerous man in American.” Donald J. Trump has proven that warning to be totally justified by his conduct in 2020. I probably could have included the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 but it was only in 2020 that his true level of total incompetence and absolute lack of care or concern (Empathy) for the American people was revealed. Historians (and Astrologers!) will have a ‘field day’ explaining how this mentally sick, totally evil, incompetent, idiot-fool of a person, became the President of the United States of America and then was allowed to continue his ego-driven fantasy of absolute irresponsibility for over a year while hundreds of thousands of his countrymen died, his country’s economy collapsed, and social chaos became the order of the day. Nero was said to have played the fiddle while his capital city, Rome, burned. Donald J. Trump golfed while being the President of the country during the time (year) in which hundreds of thousands of its’ citizens died, its’ economy collapsed, millions lost their jobs, and/or were threatened with eviction from their homes, hundreds of thousands of businesses failed, while he continues to obsess over his delusion that he won the election that he really lost by a landslide of millions of votes—and thousands more die every day of his presidency. Mary Trump’s “most dangerous” has turned out to be the understatement of the year.

     Historians will, eventually, devote millions of reams of high quality paper (and multi-millions of our trees to produce them) in explaining all of the subtle nuances of politics and social psychology that allowed an inept, mentally ill, evil, idiot-clown to dominate our political theater for the past five years. However, I believe the reasons behind the Donald J. Trump disaster-Presidency are much too simple to warrant that destruction of so many of our precious trees. I’ll write them again, in, perhaps, my last attempt to help my readers see the true trees in the forest of media obscurity. I believe the #1 reason that allowed Trump’s rise to the top of our rotten political stew is that a slight majority of America’s electorate had lost their moral compass .in 2016 and were so obsessed with the pleasures of lust, avarice, and greed that they welcomed a person who exemplified those failures of character to be their leader.

         It didn’t help our history that Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election was Hillary Clinton, the #2 reason that Donald won the presidential election. Hillary was a person who carried so much rotten baggage that a great number of voters voted for Trump only because they couldn’t stand the smell of voting for her. It also didn’t help our history that Trump’s ‘platform’ was an attractive ‘populous’ position and that was the #3 reason he won the election. Of course he had absolutely no intention of carrying out that platform—once he had gained the office. Like the carnival side-show huckster he should have been, a great percentage of our un-educated voters (i.e., suckers) actually believed him. These were the same kind of folks (read, intelligence level) who thought the TV show The apprentice, was great entertainment! The fact that Donald boasted openly of his ability to grope any woman he wished didn’t seem to hurt his electability, in fact, it seemed to me that the more that Video tape of his statement was replayed, the more it excited and enthused his political base. However that video tape was not reason #4 for trump winning the 2016 election. Reason #4 was that so many members of our electorate are ‘single issue’ voters. Those ‘single issues’ included: abortion, gun control, rejection of climate change (and the environmental restrictions on societal habits that accompanied it) and white-supremacy, a two-hundred and forty plus year hangover from 1776.

     Donald Trump refused to accept the fact that the booming economy he inherited was created by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and the Obama administration. Rather than being an adult and giving credit where credit was due, Donald J. Trump proved time and time again his lack of respect for history and reality. He coupled that absence of knowledge and evasion of truth with a display of ego-arrogance totally unjustified, as he claimed the booming economy was his creation and denigrated Barack Obama with the vilest language I’ve ever heard from a President of the United States in referring to his immediate predecessor. Of course we know that Mr. Obama was one-half ‘other’ and we now know that Donald J. Trump absolutely hates ‘others’, especially Black others.

     Donald J. Trump had three years in which he could have learned how to govern a country, or, at least, how to satisfy his base and enlarge it. Instead, when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in January of 2020, He showed his true colors as an ego-maniac, refused to take advice from his staff, pretended that the virus wasn‘t real, crawled into his ego-hole and railed “fake news” as his (and our) world crumbled around him (and us).

     Donald’s total ‘Presidential-leadership’ style could be summed up in a very simple statement, “Prosperity without responsibility or morality is good for me and I don’t give a dam whether or not that condition is good for the people of America! Only my welfare Counts!” In 2020 we saw the results of that ego-driven, anti-populous political philosophy: over 330,000 deaths, millions of lost jobs, millions of businesses gone or going bankrupt, social chaos running rampart, and a stock market bubble totally without justification that enriches only the richest of the rich. A bubble that I predict will soon burst in the face of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If ever America had a ‘lost’ year, 2020 was it!

   Happy New Year America!  



                Copyright, January 1, 2021, Louis J. Christen

The Lost Year. Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!