September 11, 2020


Being alive and qualified to vote in the last 17 presidential elections (I haven’t failed to vote in any of them), has provided me with a reasonable amount of experience in evaluating and understanding the difference between a presidential candidate’s claimed platform and what they were really trying to accomplish by being elected. No better example of this possible ‘differential’ has been provided in the last 68 years than that evidenced by Donald J. Trump in his almost completed first term as President of the United States of America vs his campaign platform promises, including his promise “To Make America Great Again!” Instead of doing anything that he promised to do, he has spent his entire term in office thus far, trying to enrich himself, his family and his various business interests, at our expense. In a speech Mr. Trump made on February 4th of this year, he said, “Unlike so many who came before me, I keep my promises.” Did he? For the answer to that question, I refer you to an article on page 9 in the Sunday Review section of Last Sunday’s (Sept 6) New York Times, titled “I Keep my Promises”, Trump Said. Let’s Check.’ as written by Nicholas Kristof, who ends his well-written and slightly hilarious article with the summary sentence, “Well, no.” That short sentence just may qualify Mr. Kristof for ‘The Under-statement of the Year’ award.


     Given Trump’s four year history of lies and distortion of facts, accompanied by his constant expression of self-importance, I must conclude that President Trump really had a ‘single issue’ 2016 campaign platform and that was to benefit —‘Himself’, the great Mr. Donald J. Trump. As Mr. Kristol noted in comparing Mr. Trump’s 2016 major campaign promises with his actual performance since elected, his record is probably the worst of any modern American president. I believe Donald J. Trump’s real 2020 campaign ‘platform’ is exactly the same as it was in 2016: to benefit ‘Himself’. Has the great ‘Himself’ made America great again? To re-phrase Mr. Kristof, hell no! Are Americans “greater” now, in 2020, than we were in 2016? We’re sure as hell NOT! Does the Trump family deserve another four years to feed, like pigs, at the government trough? My answer is: ‘Why in the hell would anybody in their right mind allow that to happen?—– Friends, I realize that there is a substantial number of our electorate who actually believe in Donald J. Trump and I’ll try to explain ‘why’ I think they do that later in this blog. But first, let’s take a look at the platform of Trump’s opposition.


     I suspect it would take multi-volume, book length, manuscripts to clearly state the entire spectrum of today’s Democrat Party, 2020 Presidential campaign platform—if it was honestly stated. Can you even comprehend a blending of positions of their coalition so diverse as: A. O. Cortez’ ‘Green New Deal’, through Bernie Sander’s ‘Free health Care for All’ and Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Free Education through College for All’, to and including ‘Beto’ O’Rourke’s ‘Ban all Automatic Weapons’ then, through Cory Booker’s and Kamala Harris’ plea for ‘Racial Equality At Last!’ and Amy Klobuchar’s ‘Demand for a Solution to our Problem of ‘Income and Wealth Disparity’ and ending at Joe Biden’s old time, middle of the road, democratic, feet? Joe is a guy who is noted for being honest and fair, but who has never shown any ability, or desire for, political ‘grandstanding’ much less overly grand ideas. That, my friends, is an amazing depth—and stretch—of a platform! However, in spite of the great diversity of the goals of the Dem’s elite, there is one, very important, and unifying fact: they all want something good for the American People, they ask nothing for themselves! That fact alone is what really defines what this next presidential election campaign is all about. We get to choose whether we want to give Donald J. Trump more of what He wants, or do we want to give the American people even a little bit of what they need?


     I doubt if anyone who votes for Trump will get any more of what they want because the ‘bucket of plenty’ is now empty. Donald J. Trump has already spilled that bucket on the floor just like he caused the deaths of tens of thousands of our citizens and ruined a booming economy He inherited from Mr. Obama by stupid, almost willful, miss-management during the pandemic. I also doubt that the people who vote for Biden will get much of anything they would like to have or need for the same reason; the bucket is empty!. This election is really about just ‘moving the needle’ away from the direction of giving more to privileged white, male, republican, greed, toward the direction of concern for the welfare of all the people of every color in America. In short, the American electorate gets to choose our direction: either toward a semi-fascist Oligarchy or toward a more realistic Democracy.


     I promised earlier that I would explain ‘why’ I believe people voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election. It’s going to be difficult to keep the element of ‘qualitative evaluation’ out of the list but I’m going to try my best to do so. Here’s my list:


Some voters disliked Hillary Clinton more than they disliked Donald Trump.


“         “         actually believed Trump’s stated political promises.


“       “           are totally in favor of the concept of White Supremacy ruling our                            country.


“     “           are guided and motivated by exactly the same ‘values’ as           

                       witnessed in DJT.


“     “          sincerely detest the idea that ‘government’ in any form, is     



“     “           absolutely hate the idea of a Democracy instead of an Oligarchy or



“     “           are easily ‘conned’ by a liar/showman who appeals to their worst



          Only items #1 and #2 will not be viable in the 2020 election. Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton and anybody who believes anything that Trump says probably isn’t old enough to vote or can’t read or think. Items #3 to # 7 are still operable and define Trump’s electoral base.


     As usual, (Song refrain: When your (I get) in a bad mood, and want to be (I seem to turn) rude, just (I must) go and talk to your (my) horse! (Am I the only person in the world that remembers that song? I remember that verse but I can’t remember the song title or who wrote it. Help, anyone!) It was probably written and sung by Earl Gleason, the Cowboy singer /fireman from Belen, New Mexico. Anyhow, I reviewed what I had written with Hubris and, as usual, he valued carrots more than political commentary. He did ask me what ever happened to Howie and his favorite sun-dried, alfalfa cookies at that little café we used to visit. I explained that Howie realized that he had no place in the world of politics and he went back to running his store that sold over-priced coffee. That satisfied him enough to suggest that we saddle up and go for our evening ride while it is still cool. Daytime temps in the valley have dropped from about 100 degrees F to 50 degrees but, two days later, they are heading back up so riding now is a great idea. I put the disc of the ‘William Tell Overture’ on the player and turned the barn speaker up high. Then with a hearty shout of Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! we were off on our regular Friday evening ride. So, until next week—, Adios Amigos—and stay safe!    





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      Copyright, September (9)/11*, 2020, Louis J. Christen


*Let’s say a silent prayer for those thousands killed or wounded, physically or psychologically, by our Saudi ‘friends’ that day.   ljc

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