June 26, 2020

When the ultra-conservative, evangelical, Fox News certified, columnist, Cal Thomas, writes a column (as printed in the June 24, 2020 edition of the Albuquerque Journal, on the editorial page-A10) critical of Donald Trump, it just may be the signal that the end of this period of Trumpian insanity is near?

     Mr. Thomas, very accurately but not very politely, opened his column with the statement, “President Trump’s speech Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a toxic stream of consciousness that ignored a great opportunity to speak words of healing and unity to a divided nation.” That proves to me, that for Mr. Thomas, ‘hope springs eternal’ but, by golly, he called Trump’s speech in Tulsa “toxic” and defined that word later in his column to mean “causing unpleasant feelings; harmful or malicious”. He also noted that Donald Trump used “crude words like ‘a son of a bitch’ and ‘hell’ and ‘hell-of-a’ and were full of self-justifications”. However, Mr. Thomas didn’t say if he considered Donald’s words of self-justifications crude or otherwise. He went on to write that “I made it through one hour and 45 tortuous minutes” which indicated to me that he, when listening to Mr. Trump’s long diatribe, had plenty of endurance and high hopes that his favorite evangelical huckster would, somehow, redeem himself— sooner or later— in his seemingly endless stream of self-promotion and mindless evasion of reality. Mr. Thomas was also “embarrassed for him for his smaller than predicted audience, which worshipfully, but I sensed a little less enthusiastically, applauded.” If that isn’t an example of evangelical kindness while sticking a sword in the back of your now not-so-favorite apostle, I’ll just have to keep looking for a better one! To me, his article gave Mr. Trump faint praise and all the rope he was using to hang himself at the same time.

     Our fearless, self-centered, President, Donald J. Trump, has been using a stream of verbal self-justification and self-importance, while always evading the issues of ‘reality’, for well over 4 years now. I am at a loss to explain how and why he has gotten away with that charade for such a long time. As an amateur pilot, I can imagine myself being elected the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Boeing Aircraft Corporation and standing at the corporate podium shouting meaningless platitudes of self-promotion for four years and the Boeing Board of Directors giving me endless pay increases, stock bonuses, and golf  privileges at their local country club. When our neat new airplanes crash and hundreds are killed I say, I’m not responsible for those problems, in fact I don’t ever even use a computer because I don’t even know how to turn one on. That’s equivalent to what Donald J. Trump has done in the White House—with the Republican Senators looking on, with hardly a word of disapproval spoken—for the last three and a half years!

      OK, the Boeing company can’t seem to make airplanes that can fly safely any more, and our Republican Senators are a bunch of gutless wonders who don’t know how to pass reasonable or just laws! Maybe that explains everything? How else can a worthless piece of s–t named Donald J. Trump continue to be the ‘President of the United States Of America’ after almost four years of proven, total, incompetence? If he hasn’t proven himself to be intellectually and morally bankrupt by now, how much more time should he be given? That useless, brain-dead, idiot didn’t even know that Finland was a real country! He thought it was a part of Russia! I guess his international policy advisors just didn’t get to him fast enough or, maybe the Kindergarten police were still asleep? 

     Sorry, when I get really angry, I lose all ability to control my temper or my fingers on my keyboard.  (Disclosure: I have a woman writer friend in Mexico who uses the ‘f’ word for extreme emphasis in her writings. I recently told her she shouldn’t do that, but—now, I am beginning to think that Donald J. Trump’s total disaster as President is deserved of ‘extreme negative expression’ so here I go!— Donald J. Trump is the dumbest, f—–g, idiot- fool, ever elected as President of the United States! Period! (Note; that sentence sounds reasonable to me but it doesn’t seem to be linguistically correct. I expect my Editor friend -and my Pastor- will probably take me to task for bad syntax, i.e., the use of a verb as an adjective. Or, maybe that was the perfect place to use an adverb? Obviously, I don’t know which, or if either, is correct.)

      On the optimistic side, we have only a little over four months to go before the great day of potential reckoning, November 3rd, 2020 gets here. We will have to hope and pray that Joe Biden can stay awake (and alive) long enough to get through the debates and remember that he is running for the Presidency of the United States of America. Maybe he should just tell the Democratic National Committee to pick his running mate in the November 3rd election as I doubt that the DNC will allow him to make that decision without their approval. Just imagine the USA going from a Donald Trump to a Joe Biden Presidency. Would that be like going from a three ring clown circus performed by talking midgets (The President, Republican Senators and William Barr) to a Lawrence Welk show where all of the musicians forget to bring their music and Joe Biden is the guest conductor? In any case, America has been going through a very dark period of rhetorical vacuity, and a Biden Presidency, I expect, would be more of the same. It was very difficult to listen to Trump making a fool of himself whenever he was speaking but Joe, at the podium, could be very embarrassing. As Grandma said, “Lets hope for the best, expect the worst, and be ready to take what comes! That’s the state of America’s politics today—in a nut shell!

     Hubris was as bored by everything I wrote as ever. It’s very hard to get a horse to take politics seriously. Maybe there is a lesson for me in ‘horse sence’? It’s a ‘Donner and Blitzen’  evening—so no Hi Ho Hubris today.

    Until next week, it’s Adios Amigos –and stay safe!


                                                       Copyright, June 26, 2020, Louis J. Christen


The End is Near? Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!