November 6, 2020


Sunday, Nov 1st. I decided, when setting this blog headline and title up in my ‘Word’ program, that I wouldn’t try to make a prediction of what I think will happen in this very, very significant election on Tuesday, November 3rd. However, I have no hesitation in writing what I would like the results to be. Simply put, I would like to see Donald J. Trump voted out of office decisively and the Republican Party lose control of the Senate. Now that I have put my wishes in hard print, I will not type any more of this blog until the dust settles, i.e., after breakfast, the morning of November 4th, 2020.

     Wednesday, Nov 4th. Sorry, the dust (vote counting) hasn’t settled anything, yet (as of 10 AM this morning) but—it sure looks like I won’t be getting any of my wishes. Christmas morning—this isn’t! However, I’ve learned something very important: the polls were total bull-shit! Just a tool to get (us) fool’s to send money. Worthless, useless, stupid, inaccurate, pieces of total bull-shit! That’s how I feel about the polls!

     Thursday, November 5th. The picture for Joe Biden and our democracy brightens just a tiny bit, the results are heading in the ‘left’ direction but still very, very far from final. However, the requests for contributions, still tied to polls, keep coming.

     Friday, November 6th. As the sun came up in New Mexico, the good news from Pennsylvania via CNN came in along with it. Better news but still too early to count chickens. I may have to hold up finishing this blog for a few more days, weeks, or months. Isn’t it amazing how stupid and totally unprepared some states are in counting the votes? For some strange reason, there seems to a correlation of Republican control and delay in counting ballots in those states. By late afternoon I began to believe in the old saying, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast!” At least, mine were feeling a lot better! And Donald J. Trump continues to be the same ego-centric, hatred-driven, asshole he has always been. I fell asleep at 6:30 PM and missed another telecast display of his real self. Sometimes I want to give Parkinson’s disease credit for saving me from having to watch his vulgar theatrics.

     Saturday, November 7th. I didn’t get out to the barn to give Hubris his Saturday morning flake of alfalfa and his special weekend scoop of oats until about nine o’clock. I had stayed glued to the TV and the CNN report of Biden continuing to increase his lead in Pennsylvania since the crack of dawn. Then, about ten AM, CNN declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the President and Vice President elect! An old white man and a young black woman just made history! Everybody (including me) was crying tears of relief and joy! I don’t know that a TV station has the authority to make that call but I am going to accept its’ election call and hope and pray that I never learn otherwise. It now looks like the first half of my wish-list has come true. I’ll just have to wait until late January and the Georgia senate race runoffs, to see if the second half of my election wish-list comes through. If I’ve learned anything during this election process it is that polls are pure bull-shit, patience is a virtue, and that money almost overcame morality! Getting rid of the Republican Senate majority is every bit as important (to me and our democracy) as getting Joe and Kamala elected. That’s worth waiting and working for! Let’s hope the people of Georgia come through on the side of democracy.

     I don’t expect that the Trump family and their bunch of crooked enablers will go gently into that sweet night of political and legal has-beens. I do expect that the four Georgia Senatorial election runoff(s) candidates will be buried under a flood of money the size of which has never been seen. If the Presidential election was for the heart of America this one is for its’ soul! The battle to save democracy in this country is only half over. Watch and see. If you know anybody in Georgia, ask, beg, and pray for them to vote for Warnock and Ossoff, the two Democrat candidates. Adding two senate seats to the Democratic side of the Senate will cancel McConnell’s Republican majority. Between Trump and McConnell, it has been a horrible four years for American democracy.

     Donald, Jared, Rudy, and Bill (Barr) still have about ten weeks to do as much damage and continue to line their pockets as our Republican-controlled Senate and our Trump-packed ‘Supreme’ Court will allow them do get away with. Let’s hope the Biden-Harris election victory will act as a ‘dog whistle’ to prevent them from taking what little money is left in the US Treasury and the White House silver-ware with them on their way out the door. It will be interesting to see how—or if—Donald Trump handles ‘getting fired’. He now must surrender his ‘Get out of Jail free’ ticket he stole in his politics game. Or, if he keeps his promise to leave the country, which one would want him? Russia? I doubt it. Germany? Certainly not! Turkey? Maybe? Do you want to guess how long Melania will stay married to him? OK, here’s the $100 question: What is the cost of a membership in the Mar-A-Lago Country Club going to be as of January 21st, 2021? And, last but not least, who will Bill Barr pimp for in 2021?

     The final act of The Apprentice is about to begin. Watch it and weep—not for Trump— but for the damage he did to this country. Joe and Kamala have one hell of a hard job ahead of them. Let’s hope and pray that they pick a world-class team— to play for America. Trump’s team was hired just to play for Donald Trump.

     Hubris, as usual, wants to stay out of any kind of political discussion or even a celebration— if possible for him to do so. I will have a few extra sips of Uncle Jack’s finest and give Hubris a few extra carrots this evening as our celebration for the breath of fresh air which came to America about noon, Pennsylvania time, today.



                   Copyright, November 6, 2020, Louis J. Christen

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