Summer on the White Grass:

The Four Seasons of Morality


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It documents: The History of the Failure of Leadership and the Decline of the Moral Character of our Society—as experienced by the Author, wrapped around the story of a young man from Missouri’s efforts to find and experience the Cowboy Life in Wyoming, in 1953.


Racial Bigotry, Sex Education, Clerical Perverts, Universal Military Training, The Solution for Health Care, Bernie Sanders, Corruption: in the Media, the Two Party System, and the DNC, Our Worse ‘Backing the Wrong Horse’ Failure, Henry Luce And His Friends, the American Inquisition, the Destruction of the American Middle Class, the Three Stooges (Guess Who?), a Pope Resigns!, Our National Park Dis-Service and the National Trust for Historic Destruction –are all explained here. And, at no extra charge, The Author proposes a new Motto for our Currency. All wrapped around a true ‘Young Cowboy’ story: Ranch Life, Broken Saddles, Bar Fights, Bears and Lessons in Love Making on the famous White Grass Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming– which turns into a bit of a Mystery when you find out what the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation did to that ranch/property with just under a million dollars of public funds.


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If you are concerned about the failure of leadership in our government and suspect our society is in a serious state of moral decline you will really like this little book—even if you detest where those societal defects are taking us. If you also happen to enjoy a true young cowboy story—you will like it even better! However, if you think the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation are perfect examples of our Government’s honesty and integrity, you may find yourself having second thoughts. I offer a solution to their ethical ‘problems’ in the last two paragraphs of the ‘Afterwords’. Sorry, I do not have a simple solution to our societies moral decline but—I am thinking it might be worth proposing in a ‘second’ book. Be warned!*


* Since I spent almost 50 years flying airplanes I owned, a ‘young pilot’ story just might provide the bones to wrap the meat of a ‘moral rebuilding proposal for our society’ around? The only problem is that those who need the ‘rebuilding’ will probably have no interest in learning (i.e., reading) ‘how’! I would have to hope they would like the story (of a young pilot whose only claim to fame is that, in well over a thousand hours of piloting, he never dented aluminum) enough to buy the book. Doubtful, isn’t it?