Tuesday, January 12th. Why –would a President who was facing either removal from office under the conditions of Article 25 of our Constitution, or being impeached for the second time within the year (something that has never happened in the history of the United States of America!) leave Washington D.C. for our southern border to inspect a section of the infamous ‘Wall’ he so desperately wanted? I believe the answer to that question is; either that President is incapable of accepting or dealing with reality (i.e., he is insane) or that he is expecting something to happen on or before January 20 that, he thinks, will ‘save’ his Presidency.

   Wednesday, January 13th, Given the fact that I have been writing extensively for over the past year that I am convinced that our President is certifiably insane, I may be wasting my time pushing that factor again. Listening to the impeachment hearings that are taking place in our Nation’s Capitol while I am writing this, I have yet to hear one of our supposedly intelligent politicians mention this reality as the probable cause of Trump’s words and actions on January 6th, or Trump’s repeated phone calls to the election official of Georgia just days before, trying to get them to falsify the election results so he (Trump) would be declared the winner of the presidential election in that State. I’m beginning to think Trump’s insanity is an infectious disease that only Republican congressmen and women —and a certain Vice President—have the inherent genetic lack of resistance (i.e., lack of guts and integrity) that has caused them to be infected with his mental illness I will name acute ‘Trumpinsaneism’.

     The other possibility is really scary! Trump has warned us that he expects an armed insurrection will occur in all State Capitols and Washington D.C. on January 20th. I believe he has sufficient knowledge of his fascist, white-supremacists, anarchist, ‘friends’ (“they are really good people!”, Trump says.) plans to make that statement. As the Boy Scouts’ (who kicked me out of that organization, before I was old enough to qualify as a member, because I had taken unauthorized camping trips with my cousin Joe) motto says, ‘Be prepared!’ I strongly suggest that we should be prepared this time, rather to see a repeat of January 6th.

Trump is either insane or ________. (you fill-in the blank.)



   Word count 394     Copyright, January 13, 2021, Louis J. Christen

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