January 15, 2021



So, as of today, Friday, January 15th, Donald J. Trump is still our President. Even though he has now been impeached twice— which is unique in the history of these sometimes, not very ‘United’ States—and, he continues to present a serious threat to our country, our democracy and our societal sanity! If he wasn’t so dam dangerous, he would qualify as one of the most comic figures in the history of the Western World. He is truly a world class buffoon! Personally, I am enjoying the picture of Donald J. Trump ‘stiffing’ his favorite fool-of-an-attorney, Rudy Giuliani, on his way off the stage of our very-own, special edition, Human Comedy. Donald J. Trump lied, cheated, bullied, and ‘stiffed’ has way into his fantasy of fame and fortune and he is going to lie, cheat, bully and ‘stiff’ those folks who were stupid enough to think he would demonstrate any sense of honor among his fellow thieves on his way out of that fantasy.

     I am sure that the FBI investigations of the Trump-led, January 6th anarchists’ ‘invasion’ of our nation’s Capitol building will lead to a long record of complicity by our ‘great’ President, Donald J. Trump, and possibly some of his patriotic enablers in the Republican congress, and even some members of the capitol police force, in the organization, direction and execution of that event. Personally, I thought it was horribly* funny *(no, if in regard to Donald J. Trump, not an oxymoron descriptive term) to listen to the Q-Anon Shaman defend himself and his actions by stating over and over that Donald Trump personally invited him to come to that building to help him stop the election certification. I also doubt that Donald Junior and Rudy Giuliani would have made those speeches the morning of January 6th without Donald’s direction as to their content and their specific calls to action. Donald J. Trump is a medically certified, narcissists-sociopath, illiterate, fool, and a totally horrible, and almost unbelievably evil, person. Unfortunately, our country does not have either a police department or a medical department with the authority to take that evil fucker off the street and lock him up in a cage for public, or official, ‘insanity’ certification. Us regular citizens are ‘on our own’ to defend ourselves against his cruelty, mental instability, and delusions of grandeur. And, the sad truth is that we have a government totally incapable of action. Friends, these are terrible times.

     And now we hear of Trump’s plans for his ceremonial departure from the White House to his lair in Florida; a red-carpet, 21-gun salute as he boards the helicopter to take him to the Air-Force One magic carpet which will carry him to Florida. All I can suggest is that the 21 guns are aimed at him to save us tax-payers the transportation expense and our government the impeachment trial.

   There is one ‘loose-end’ in this summary of this week’s events that I must report. I did get some suggestions from my blog readers as to the possible medical names for Trump’s mental condition. They are:

Severe Personality Disorder- malignant narcissism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder


However Mr. Carl Bernstein, the writer who paired with Bob Woodward in the exposure of Richard Nixon’s downfall, called it my way earlier this week when he was being interviewed by a CNN commentator. He said that Donald J, Trump is insane.

I rest my case.


             Copyright, January 15, 2021, Louis J. Christen

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