May 31st, 2020


There is an old saying, “A rolling stone gathers no Moss”. If that old ‘saw’ (i.e., saying) was applied to Joe Biden sitting in his basement for the last several months, Joe would have been moss-covered by now! Several blogs ago, I wrote out an action plan for Joe, my theory being that Joe himself wasn’t a viable candidate for the Presidency and only if he immediately developed a substantial ‘Management Team’, and placed that team before the American electorate ‘now’, would he establish his credentials (cahonies) as a leader capable of restoring our ship of state from the damages done by the Trump mis-administration. He not only has not done that, he has continued to put his foot in his mouth whenever he is given an opportunity to take a step forward. Fortunately, Joe has only two feet and he has yet to figure out how to put more than one in his mouth at a time.  Before he learns how to do that, I believe Joe should admit his lack of desire to continue his campaign, claiming age and mental incapacity, tell the DNC ‘Thanks for their endorsement’, and resign from the race for the nomination. If anyone has the character to put country over self, I believe Joe Biden has, at least, that quality. Joe should resign, NOW! For his sake –and ours!

     While writing the paragraph above, I found myself thinking back to the time the DNC announced that Joe Biden would enter the race for the nomination. I’m sure everyone remembers that Joe had never considered himself a viable candidate or even mentioned the fact that he was considering entering the race.  I was certain (at that time) that the Democratic National Committee had pulled Joe out of retirement to use him as Straw Person (a scarecrow) to try to prevent the ‘leftist’ section of their Party (Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) from taking control of the nomination race—which they were well into the process of doing. I believe I am totally correct in that belief. If anything, that fact proved to me the mental bankruptcy of the DNC and the ‘shallowness’ of leadership presently available within the Democrat Party. Remember, the DNC handpicked Hillary Clinton as their favored candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2016. Now, they have picked Joe Biden to try again. Does this indicate that the DNC has a serious ‘death wish’, or that it is just completely out of sync with what is going on in the United States of America? Personally, I suspect the latter of those two possibilities is the operative factor. It’s time to change the leadership of the DNC. Strike one was Hillary Clinton in 2016. Strike two is that it looks like that same ‘leadership’ wants Joe Biden to run in 2020. Do the Democrats really want to give Donald Trump the opportunity for 3 terms in office (trust me, Donald will figure out a way to do that!) just to see themselves be called the ‘3 Strikes and they’re Out! bunch’—and they are out of the election business forever? My answer is to get them out NOW—before it is too late to do anything about them.

     I’m afraid that my desire to see an ‘open’ Democratic convention is about as possible as having Donald Trump allow mail-in ballots in the 2020 election. The Alt-right wing of the Republicans controls the Republican Party and the Old-worn-out-middle controls the Democrat Party. One is as useless as the other in meeting the needs of America today. Allowing them both to continue making the rules is to allow chaos to continue to be the order of the day. Perhaps, only continued chaos will be what it takes to wake up our electorate? If so, God bless (read ‘help’!) America!

     Of course I’m sorry to see a Snake Oil Salesman, who truly believes in his own snake oil, taking his own medicine, against the advice of most of his professional advisors. It is also sad to see a person, so stupid that he believes in his own ‘invincibility’, refuse to take professional medical advice to safeguard, not only his own health but the health of those around him, by refusing to wear a face mask when in public. What a great example he is providing for both his admirers and detractors! Maybe, someday, we the people will find out how much he (or someone in his family!) was paid by the maker of Hydroxychloroquine for Donald Trump to endorse that product and who was really responsible for the lack of face masks which caused the deaths of thousands of emergency health professionals?  Those 2 pieces of information would answer a lot of questions. My best guess is that Jared holds the key as to just who in the Trump family was involved with both issues.

     And, much to our wonder who should appear, but Uncle Joe Biden -out of his basement- it’s clear. With black face mask in place and a wreath in his hand, to place it on some grave with a wave of his hand. And then, laying a finger  a’side of his nose, he proclaimed, “Trump’s a Fool!” and in his limo he goes.

      I guess he went back to his basement? It was nice to see Joe back in action—if only for a brief moment! Joe will get an ‘8.5’ from the ‘Daily Kos’ for his ‘hit and run’ political maneuver. However, the New York Times reported that only four people in the entire world claim they thought they heard Joe call Donald a fool so, maybe, it didn’t happen? The fact that neither Facebook nor Twitter reported the incident gave substance to the NYT’s report. As further evidence that it couldn’t possibly be true was the fact that Donald Trump didn’t ‘tweet’ in response. Shawn Hannity on Fox News said it didn’t happen. Mario Cuomo on NBC News said it did. Joe Biden didn’t say anything to anybody.. We’ll probably have to wait for another ‘Morning Joe’ program to learn the truth. And that will have to wait until Joe ‘S’ proves that he didn’t murder his wife —as Trump insinuates. And so, it’s politics as usual in America!

     I asked Hubris if he thought that Donald Trump is a fool. Hubris thought a minute and then said, “Yes, Donald Trump probably qualifies as a true fool because he is constantly talking and refuses to listen to anyone with wisdom who is trying to give him good advice. However, I believe he is better qualified to be called an ‘idiot’ because he seems totally incapable of thinking about anything or anybody other than himself. Perhaps it would be better to think of Trump as a fool and an idiot because he qualifies, by definition, as both.”  Then Hubris said, “Aren’t we lucky to have both a fool and an idiot as our President?” 

    With that pleasant thought I suggested we saddle up and that’s what we did. A few minutes later it was Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! Until next week, it’s Adios Amigos, and –Stay Safe!


                                                          Copyright, May 29, 2020, Louis J. Christen

Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again! Move (Out of the Way) Joe!