Feb. 9, 2020


There is a certain sadness in seeing any theatrical performance ‘close’, not for the lack of public interest but because the majority of the actors didn’t think the play was well written and not worth a continuing performance. The play had some of the elements of possibly-great theatre, including; an evil man/President—who acts like he was a King and in total disregard of the Constitution of the country which had elected him to office but never appears on stage—was the subject of the play, a Machiavellian prime minister—loyal to the ‘king’—who’s puppets represented the majority of the senators of the government, and who did whatever he demanded they do under the threat of seeing their heads on a pike, several knights—not wearing shining armor—representing the minority of the senators of the government protesting the actions of the ‘king’, and a lady fair—seated off-stage—who just might have written the play and was directing the action from the wings. Unfortunately, the only ‘love interest’ in the play was the love of power, privilege, avarice and greed by the man who-would-be king and there was absolutely no effort by the playwright to provide comic relief. A character named ‘Alan’ came close to being considered the king’s jester but his time on stage was very short and basically limited to a thoughtless—but consistent with the outcome of the play—one-liner. In the last act, a great majority of the actors decide to let the man-who-would-be-king ‘be the King’, ignoring the Constitution on which the government of their country is based. The show is expected to close on Wednesday, February 5th, which, ironically, is Constitution Day—in Mexico—not the US of A. We, the audience, will have to wait until November 6th of this year to find out whether we-the-people of the United States of America want a King or a President in charge of our government.

     Obviously, the senate majority members love their King. Either that or they are scared to death of him, which, given their low level of character, makes it seem like a Jewish Mafia exercise in obedience to the Don. The next nine months will be ‘interesting’—especially if you remember the old Chinese saying, “May you live in ‘interesting’ times”—and know what the Chinese character for the word ‘interesting’ really means! Either, the King and his senatorial puppets, will get their come-uppance in the next election, or the un-United States of America will become a Fascist, dictator-lead, country. May God, and, hopefully, a thinking electorate (that’s probably an oxymoron, given our last Presidential election), forbid!

     Now that the three act play “The Trial That Wasn’t a Trial” performance has officially closed, we all can turn our attention to the democratic caucus circus tent that collapsed during its’ one day/night performance in Iowa. Between the ‘Trial’ and the ‘Caucus’, it’s beginning to look like the DNC just might need a few new playwrights! I’ve been ‘on record’ that the whole bunch of DNC executives need to be ‘outed’ and fresh blood (i.e., be persons who can really think, and think creatively!) is necessary—if the Democrat Party is going to survive, much less win, another Presidential election. And so, I think it’s time for another of my ‘seat of my pants’ assessments of what’s needed to return the US of A to a path toward being a truly Responsible Democracy.

    As pre-amble, I would like to state my belief that our country is ‘on the cusp’ of deciding whether it wants to be a; vulture Capitalist, Socialist, an Irresponsible Democracy, or a Responsible Democracy governed country. This is going to be a big deal in the history of the USA and I don’t want to try to predict the outcome. We have a vulture Capitalist society now, thanks to Donald Trump and his Republican enablers. The choice of the ‘Socialist path’ is an easy, but dangerous, out and having an Irresponsible Democracy is what led us to where we are now. The problem is that a ‘Responsible Democracy’ is hard work and in my opinion, our electorate is lazy and un-aware of the dangers that confront our country. Only another Great Depression, WWIII, or a very capable and wise new leader would possibly wake them up. Unfortunately, we are very likely to see the first happen very soon, and the second—if Trump stays in power—sometime within the next nine months of his administration. If his ego and lust-for-power-and-privilege-driven presidential style is seen as the possible solution to our Country’s problems, we, the people of the United States of America, are in big trouble!

     If there is a clear message under the collapsed caucus circus tent in Iowa, it is that there is no clear leader, much less one of the Presidential caliber that we need, in the present candidates. Bernie and Elizabeth are too far left, Pete is much too young and inexperienced, Joe is too old and really too tired to take on the coming trouble, and Tom hasn’t been in the political arena long enough to even be dry behind his billionaire ears. That leaves Amy at the top of the field, in my opinion. However, Amy isn’t the person to take on the job of leading us through the coming financial chaos. I believe Michael is the man the Democrat Party needs to beat Trump and lead us through the chaos just ahead.

     I would like to see Michael Bloomberg come out from behind his screen of paid commercials and ANNOUNCE that, if elected, he will pick Amy Klobuchar for Vice President, Pete Buttigieg as Chief of Staff, Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of Education, Kamala Harris as Attorney General, Cory Booker as head of the Department of Housing and Urban affairs, and the remainder of his key administrators as he pleases, but balanced for race and gender, and Announce Them All, Now! Maybe he could even find a cabinet position for Bernie that would take him politely into retirement, which he deserves, because he has served our country well for so many years. At this point he doesn’t owe any position in his administration to anybody. However, telling the electorate exactly who will be in his administration may bring the party together and send a message to the electorate that his administration will be honest, balanced and transparent—just the opposite of Donald J. Trump’s administration. I believe that, if this happens, the Democrats will defeat Trump and put a Democrat majority in the Senate in the November, 6th, 2020 election !

    Hubris reminded me that I’ve ignored him all week and that it was ‘carrot time’ before we go for our Friday evening ride on the ditch banks. Along with ‘carrot time’ comes time for a shot or two of Uncle jack’s finest, so, I thanked Hubris, filled my back pocket with carrots, took a shot of Uncle Jack’s finest, saddled up, and with a hearty shout of Hi Ho Hubris Aawaay! we were off into the cool evening air of the Rio Grande valley in old New Mexico. So, until next week—when I will provide my personal assessment Donald J. Trump—Adios!



                                             Copyright, February 9, 2020, Louis J. Christen

Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again! Closing the Show