Sept. 15, 2019


Hubris suggested it would be a real laugh for my readers if I would write the first part of this week’s blog on the day before the 9/12 debate—and there-by test my ability to be ‘prescient’.  Of course he did that knowing full well any error in forecasting the results of that debate would fall directly on my shoulders—not his! Horses are known for their tendency to be a bit nefarious—if given a slack rein—and I’m obviously a sucker for almost any kind of a challenge and never thought of myself as a real, horse distrusting, cowboy. So, here goes my September 11th, Wednesday afternoon look into the only crystal ball I could find in the house—which happens to be a Christmas present dating back to my childhood. I give the little ball a good shake and the snow swirls around the small figure of a young boy wearing a white overcoat with a blue muffler, cap and mittens, a cold chill runs down my back, and——-I hear:

     Uncle Joe Biden telling stories of how he and Barrack stopped the Republican Congress from passing any laws reducing wealth accumulation by the rich and famous (1%‘ers), or restricting the rights of any citizen to own automatic weapons or preventing the destruction of the American middle class during their terms in office. Elizabeth Warren disclaiming any real Native American heritage or offering any sound ideas as to how our society can transition from a greed-driven, politically corrupt, capitalistic, grab-all-you-can-as-fast-as-you-can, dysfunctional bunch of totally un-socials to her vision of a social welfare system in which all citizens have free medical care, free educational opportunity to the level of their ability, and an equal chance at the great ‘American Dream’. Bernie Sanders demanding single payer health insurance, free education and free everything else for all without ever defining any level of responsibility required by any citizen to deserve or earn those benefits. Kamala Harris promising to put every corrupt politician in jail (sorry Kamala, the jails aren’t big enough). Pete Buttigieg thinking hard and logical about reasonable policies without any evidence as to how to get a lazy, care-less, greed-driven electorate to desire ‘reasonable’ policies. Cory Booker protesting about the terrible racism and injustice in the world and Marianne Williamson telling us that all it takes to right the capsizing ship of our State is “love, sweet love’! And, just when I thought I had almost the whole story, the snow settled around the little boy in the crystal ball, he put his hands over his ears as if to not hear his shout—-and whatever he said didn’t quite come through the glass. However, what I thought I heard sounded like—while his voice was falling off as if he was going away in the distance—, “It’s–  all—   bull—-     shit—–,,,     and——     fantasy”.

We’ll all find out what really happens—- tomorrow night!

     Continued: Sept. 14 –After the original file ‘vanished’ from my desktop and a new file had to be created more than 3 days later after spending countless hours trying, but failing, to find it. I had almost two pages of analysis written immediately after the debate ended that are lost forever. Perhaps there is a trumpian gremlin in my computer who wanted to give its’ ‘editorial opinion’ of my politics or writing skills? Regardless–

     I rated the top 4 as follows:

  1. Elizabeth Warren –stronger than ever
  2. Kamala Harris -she would be a great Attorney General
  3. Amy Klobushar -more common sense than the others but doesn’t look ‘presidential’ (yet)
  4. Bernie Sanders -still Bernie, the three legged mule

Personally, I consider Joe Biden to be the biggest loser in that session although the political pundits all seem to disagree with me on that judgement.

     The best feature of the 9/10 debate was the high degree of respect the contestants showed for their fellow competitors along with the total disrespect they showed for Donald Trump, the person. Unfortunately, he has proven, by his disrespect for everyone but himself, that he deserves no respect at all from anyone. Like the dirty bird that fouls its’ own nest, he fouls the office of President and, by his conduct in office, is turning the White House brown. After hearing Kamala Harris address him directly and personally call him out for the hatred and divisiveness he has used to further his vain, selfish, interests, I wished that every contestant had done the same thing.

      Watching and listening to the batch of current candidates (democratic and republican) leads me to think back to an earlier blog in which I suggested that the job of ‘President’ is just too big for any one man or woman. I now ‘second’ my own motion (I hope Robert isn’t reading this!) And since politics is now considered a sporting event and sports events demand winners and losers, I’d have to opine Elizabeth Warren as my current favorite in the Democratic contest and anyone other than Donald Trump in the Republican non-contest. I’m going to more research on Michael Bloomberg before I recommend sending someone to nominate him from the floor of the convention hall. This ‘ballgame’ is only in the second inning and has a long way to go before we’ll know the winner.

     Hubris is yelling at me from the corral.  He says that it’s thundering and lightening in the west and the monsoon rains are about to pour down. I should stay in the house, pour a big glass of vodka/gin over cracked ice for myself, and then get him a big flake of hay—before it starts raining. Hubris always gives good advice—so, no Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! this evening.



                    Copyright, September 15, 2019, Louis J. Christen


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