August 25, 2019


Hubris said, sadly, before chomping into his morning alfalfa flake, “Another week, another week of Trump’s braggadocio!” Alas, when Trump calls himself “The Chosen One” and the “Second Coming” all within the same breath, and then goes on to call any Jewish person who votes democratic, “A Traitor to Israel” we have to wonder just how much further his ego-mania could possibly go? And then, as if trying to prove he is totally insane, he proffers the idea of buying Greenland and then claims he has been insulted by the government of Denmark for telling him (I’m sure they had tongue in cheek, they couldn’t imagine that anybody could be quite that stupid—or arrogant!) that Greenland isn’t ‘For Sale’.  Was anyone surprised when, after he got a call from Wayne LaPierre, the almost recently deposed head of the NRA, he ‘walked back’ his promise made, just after the mass murders in Dayton and El Paso, to strengthen background checks before allowing a gun purchase? And, if anyone is worried about a possible recession or depression, Trump claims that he has the ability to deal with it and then people will have to vote for him (I guess?) to save themselves from the pain of the economic chaos his actions won’t have caused but surely have hastened. Now, just this morning, he asks, “Who’s the worse enemy of the American people, the Fed Chairman or the ruler of China?” Who needs Saturday Night Live when every day is laced with Trump tweets or pronouncements that, if he wasn’t the President of the United States, would get him locked up and/or sent to a mental institution in an instant! The mental child that he is, he should be told to go sit in a corner and suck his thumb, every time he makes a stupid pronouncement or ‘tweet’.

     My friend, Jon, e-mailed me (the day after my last blog was published) to advise that I didn’t 

need to solicit contributions to support a mental evaluation of Donald Trump. It had already been done! I was only a couple of years behind on the researchable wisdom curve. In October of 2017, a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump was published. It is a composite of the opinions of 27 mental health experts. They concluded that Donald Trump had severe mental health problems and that he represented a clear and present danger to our country. Worse, that those who continue to enable his behavior or support his continuation in office are equally mentally deranged and have fallen under the control of his hate-filled pronouncements. I can’t help but wonder why his conduct during these past two years plus hasn’t presented enough concrete evidence to have him committed—or, at least, removed from office? I’m sure that only the fact of the Republican majority in the Senate has kept him in office and out of a mental institution or permanent residence at Mar-a-Lago—where the entry fees will tumble the minute he is removed from office. I have had to remind myself that insanity, and/or the in-ability to perceive reality, much less the hatred of ‘others’, is not a criminal offense. However, neither mental disability nor hatred of minorities is a desirable characteristic in the person holding the office of ‘President of the United States of America’! We now are hearing murmurs that some members of Congress are considering Article 25 of our Constitution as containing the grounds and procedures for removal from the office of President a person deemed incapable of rational thinking or whose actions are severely endangering our country. “Better late than never” won’t do us much good when the nuclear war button is in the hands of an ego-maniac, mentally deranged, hate monger. If Donald Trump has the character profile of the ideal republican congressperson or the republican voter who elected him, I’d be ready and able to conclude that the days of the Republican Party, and its’ control of our government, are numbered. I’d suggest that either, the republicans had better change the color of their stripes, or they and their party will be relegated to the ash heap of history. When hatred, stupidity, arrogance and ineptitude are running the railroad, it is time to get off (of) the train.

     I keep looking for any good he has done for our country since his election to the Presidency.  I can only find the ‘calling out’ of the economic stupidity of some of our international trade agreements and the ‘responsibility imbalance’ of some of our international defense agreements as definitely worthy of his criticism. Unfortunately, he has negated the value of his just criticism by totally foolish actions in starting trade wars he doesn’t have the brains or ability to control, much less resolve, or insults to our international defense partners which do nothing to further the just cause of rebalancing those agreements. In summary, he deserves the title of ‘Destroyer in Chief’ rather than the creator or implementer of anything good for our country.  He is not only continuing the acceleration of overspending of his presidential predecessors but his tax reduction for the wealthy has furthered the income disparity of our society and deepened the federal debt problem which looms like a dark thunder cloud proceeding the coming storm of a recession or another Great Depression.

     Any (if any) good he has done has been horribly overshadowed by the hatred and divisiveness his conduct and pronouncements have had in furthering our social dis-order. He has no ‘good’ leadership skills whatever. He is a hater and a divider. He is the ultimate representative of ‘bad leadership’. His posturing and ranting against ‘others’ reminds me of a now deceased German ‘leader’ (?) who destroyed his country (and most of Europe) to further his ego-mania. Rather than bringing our people together in a common cause (and we have them aplenty!) he has increased the public temperature to the boiling point where, if anything really bad happens, we are likely to have a revolution instead of just social unrest. I can’t find a better title for Donald Trump than ‘Destroyer, Hater and Divider in-Chief’! Getting him out of office and into the dust bin of history is essential to our welfare and future as a democracy. Even Hubris hangs his head in despair as our fearless ‘leader’ spews his messages of hate and distrust of those he appointed to leadership positions within HIS government.  Friends, listen to the words of this song, I trust you remember the melody: “Come on people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together….Right now.”——–before it’s too late!


                           Copyright, August 25, 2019, Louis J. Christen

Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!