July 14, 2019


Earlier this week, Hubris and I were discussing the current situation in the Democrat Party nomination contest and how it compared to the chaotic conditions in the ‘Old West’ frontier days as sometimes portrayed on TV commercials when we both started laughing at the same time.  Actually, Hubris was whinnying and I was laughing.  What had caused us to ‘break up’ into almost uncontrolled laughter was my two word description of a commercial take-off of the ‘Lonesome Dove’ TV series which featured herding cattle on a trail from the Mexican border to Montana. However, this commercial was about the difficulty and hardships in “herding cats”! I can’t remember if the commercial had a title or what it was supposed to sell but my two word description of “herding cats” was all it took for both Hubris and I to go into convulsions of laughter. I still think it was one of the funniest TV commercials I have ever seen and I laugh every time I think about it!

     Of course, what made us think of this 20 year old commercial this week was the Chief Democrat Herder, Nancy Pelosi’s, attempts to wrangle (herd?)  the young, cat-like, nominees into some semblance of a united political platform before the entire nomination process of the DNC self-destructs. As of this writing, she has failed miserably in her valiant efforts to squeeze order out of chaos in the ultra-left quadrant (the Squad) of the 20 plus contestants. And, while many members of the electorate are ‘single issue’ focused, I suspect that no single issue candidate will ever receive a majority of a national election vote or be elected to a significant national office. I, therefore, am willing to hazard my guess that close to half of the present Democratic candidates will elect to, or be forced to, abandon their quest for high office by the end of August. At the same time, new candidates seem to be coming out from under their rocks of obscurity and valiantly entering the fray.  I’m hoping for a new candidate with significant international, world finance and military experience to come riding onto the Democrat Party nomination stage on a horse named ‘Responsibility’.  I’ve already named Michael Bloomberg as my ideal candidate and that leads me to fantasize a possible Bloomberg-Harris ticket, but, I’d really like to hear from my readers as to their choice(s) on either ticket. Maybe; Rex Tillerson (he’d have to tell his Republican friends to take a walk)/Elizabeth Warren?  Maybe anyone with significant financial, international and management experience who thinks Donald Trump is an idiot should qualify—at least for consideration. Whether or not the DNC would accept such a person into the race is another question.

     As Hubris knows, the nicest thing about the dog days of Summer is that no serious decisions —above what flavor(s) and how many scoops of ice-cream you want in the cone you want to buy at the soda fountain—really must be made during that time.  Personally, I like one scoop each of vanilla, orange sherbet, and chocolate in an old fashioned double cake cone.  It’s probably a good thing that this nomination process goes on for such a long, dreadfully long, time.  Rushing the choice of which of the candidates, if any, has the knowledge and experience to lead us through the problems ahead is not a good idea. And, considering the problems ahead, I think it’s a miracle that any sensible person would even apply for the job of President.  I can see the job description being posted in the federal register;

Position Available:  President of The United States (POTUS)

    Applicants must have; doctoral degrees (or equivalent experience) in financial (debt management) wizardry, international diplomacy, international trade, world war prevention, human relations, world history and literature. Be fluent in English, Russian, and Chinese, and conversant in French, German, and Spanish. Applicants must have nerves of steel and an incredible sense of humor. Age requirement:  between the ages of 35 and 65. Applicants must be a US citizen with a minimum of 20 years of USA territorial residency.  No specific race, gender or religious affiliation requirement but applicants must respect the fact that we have a faith based, moral Constitution. All applicants must be LGBT tolerant and present their last five (5) years of individual tax returns with application. Debate experience on the college or university level desirable but not required. Term of office 4 years.  Compensation: reasonable with normal fringe benefits.

     Can you imagine finding such an individual—and if you could find one—would he or she be stupid or patriotic enough to apply for the job?  I doubt it!  As I’ve written earlier, I believe the job of POTUS is too big for any one person.  I believe that, sooner than later, Presidential Management ‘teams’ of, perhaps,  five individuals whose combined individual talents cover the key needs of that office should present themselves as candidate-teams and each and every political party can pick (elect) only one team to be on the final national ballot. Each team will select a team leader (President) and second in charge (Vice President) and three team Secretaries (Treasury, Commerce, and Defense). Somehow, the corrupt two-party system now running the political process in this country must go away. If it won’t go away willingly it should be put away legally.

     Hubris just suggested that I’ve probably written enough in this blog to either bore my readers to death or force them to have a second cup of Starbucks black coffee Monday morning. I’ll admit that a story about trying to ‘herd cats’ isn’t enough political news to warrant an editorial writer’s attention but, as comic relief, it will have to suffice. So, now that it’s Sunday evening, Hubris is ready to get saddled up and take me for a ride along the Rio Grande ditch banks. Up I go and with a hearty Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! we are delaying cocktail time for an hour or so again .     


                                      Copyright, Louis J. Christen, July 14, 2019

Lou, The Lone Curmudgeon, Writes Again!