July 7, 2019


Hubris told me he thought my assessment of the first non-debates was ”Right on!”  Remember, I told you that he was a very smart horse. And, finally, one of my favorite writers for the New York Times (Paul Krugman) told his readers about the true meaning of the term ‘Socialism’! There is a really big difference between Socialism and Social Welfare! Not one of our new left Democratic candidates espouses socialism. I guess he must have read my blog? Maybe I’m starting to get some traction?  At least Hubris is paying attention and my son Lou 3rd told me about the NYT’s /Krugman article before I had time to read our Sunday issue copy.  If I have any slight remorse about the first debate rounds it would be that Uncle Joe is just about as brain-dead as I suspected him to be. I thought he might be a bit more ‘forceful’ this time around but, alas and alack, that’s not to be. He’s the same, but older and slower, Joe Biden.   If his poling numbers fall much further, I’ll bet he will resign from the contest. Either or both Warren and Harris will be totally capable of putting Donald Trump in his rightful place —that of a political, economic, and morally defunct, stupid egomaniac! Neither Elizabeth nor Kamala has the ‘wimp’ characteristic of all of Donald’s 2016 nomination opponents. Warren will talk him into the trash can of history and Harris will put him in jail.  The big question is whether or not the DNC wakes up to the reality of our country’s need for a new direction and new leadership. If you don’t believe me, just look where the old bunch of DNC picks has gotten us! And—–

      The same seems to apply to the Republican National Committee.  To allow an egomaniac like Donald Trump to ‘take over’ the Republican Party implies a total lack of character on the part of their ‘leadership’. In fact, I think that’s called leadership by default.  Think about it, the DNC picks Joe Biden and the RNC picks Donald Trump. In either case, we, the people, lose! Folks, if ever there was a time when our infamous two-party system totally failed us it is now. I guess it’s time for me to re-run my blog suggesting a new party titled the Responsible Social Democratic Party?  I like the concept that a government must take responsibility for its actions –or lack thereof.  If the electorate added up the years of failure to act on truly significant national issues such as the level of our federal debt, the immigration crisis, social security funding and the growing disparity of wealth in the USA, both the Democrat and Republican parties could and should be indicted for over 20 years of dereliction of duty. I hate to think that it will take another Great Depression to wake up our electorate to the failure of our elected leaders to govern responsibly. And—

     If ever Donald Trump revealed his true (lack of) character it was in his July 4th performance. Taking our country’s birthday and turning it into a piece of cheap, fascist republic, two-bit  dictator’s bravado was, for me, his ‘defining moment’! What an expensive exercise in ego demonstration and what a totally, tawdry show! Watching the great Donald, who never served his country a day in his life, wrapping himself in our tanks, jets and flag while hundreds of thousands of migrants are locked out of opportunity on the Mexican side of our border or locked up in private, jail-like detention camps in Texas, said it all.  We watched the Macy’s fireworks show instead. I turned the volume way down low because Hubris doesn’t like loud noises. The Donald has a reputation for using other people’s money for his self-aggrandizement. This time he got to do it before a national audience. Maybe that was Donald’s idea of giving the people bread and circuses—only without the bread? Please note that Macy’s paid for their fireworks show, us taxpayers paid for the great Donald’s show-off!   And—

      Tomorrow, Sunday, June 7, early morning, our Women’s National Football (Soccer) Team will play the Netherlands’ National Team in France for the World Cup. There is something truly American about the contrast between the egomania of our President, Donald Trump and the world class performance, confidence and poise of our woman’s national soccer team.  I applaud MS Rapinoe’s statement of, win or lose, refusal to visit a President whose conduct demeans the office and our country. I think she should have allowed the expletive to stand. Trump deserves worse!  I wish the team well!  God willing, and the American team playing up to its reputation, I will finish this blog tomorrow, after the game is over, and have some good news to report. 

     Since Hubris had his corral raked out earlier today, it was time for us to saddle up and go along the ditch bank for our early evening outing. Hubris liked the idea so, saddle up I did and with a hearty shout of Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! we were off for our early evening exercise. As usual, a ride on the ditch bank turned out to be a non-adventure.

     Sunday morning didn’t come as quickly as I had hoped but the game started right on-time, just after breakfast. Hubris got a little extra flake of alfalfa and the US women’s team came through with flying colors, beating the Netherlands team by two to naught and setting many new FIFA Women’s Cup records in the process. Let’s hope the young ladies find equity in their post cup negotiations over wage and benefits parity with the men’s program. They deserve it!



                                 Copyright, July 7, 2019, Louis J. Christen

Lou, The Lone Curmudgeon, Writes Again!