June 30, 2019


Hubris and I are worried about something we’ll bet the majority of our readers haven’t taken a minute to consider in watching the soap opera opening of our current nomination cycle. How many of you are asking yourselves, “What are they (Hubris and I) worried about and, anyway, who cares?” For those of you who do care I may surprise you by explaining that our major concern is our inability to assess the morality level of our present electorate. I’m seriously worried about that factor and Hubris is too. He is much smarter than you’d think!

     Hubris and I had no doubt that the morality level of our entire electorate had fallen to a new low when two liars, thieves, self-centered, ego-maniacs, and representatives of the absolute worst values in our political history contended for the 2016 presidential election. Nobody seemed to care about either candidate’s level of immorality.  Actually it was worse than that as about 50% voted for the female liar-thief and 49% voted for the male liar-thief. Only about 1% voted for an honest (if slightly naïve) candidate.  I find it frightening that possibly the most immoral and biggest liar of the two candidates won and is now our President. Now that we have had over two years of seeing what total immorality in the highest public office looks like, it will be interesting to see whether or not the electorate has any misgivings about their 2016 choices.  The 2020 race is shaping up as a contest between the forces of lust, avarice, and greed vs the welfare of the 99% of Americans who don’t own a bank, health insurance company, hospital, or pharmaceutical company. It should be interesting but, if the 2016 election is of any historical significance, the forces of evil far outnumber the forces of good in our society. And, given the level of paganism and the self-gratification needs of our electorate, I seriously doubt it will have a “Come to Jesus” moment until the pain and suffering of the next great depression falls on their collective shoulders. And, I fully expect the new currency which our President will soon propose, will not have the current motto “In God We Trust” on the face of our coins or bills. “Under God” –we don’t seem to be, anymore!

     The first two shouting contests last week, which were supposed to be debates, were really just badly staged exercises in media miss-management.  In my opinion, everybody: the candidates, the media, the audience (those present and those watching and listening via the TV or radio), lost! Why MSNBC couldn’t have devised controls as simple as turning off the microphones of any candidate who was not scheduled to speak or asked a specific question is beyond me. Maybe even disqualifying the ‘shout-overs’ from continuing on the stage would have solved the problem. A “food-fight” it wasn’t and a debate it wasn’t. It was a demonstration of bad mannered juveniles and a few senior citizens allowed by media miss-management to run amok. However, If I had to pick who I consider the ‘winners’, I’d have no trouble choosing Elizabeth Warren in the first night, and Kamala Harris in the second. Cory Brooker and Pete Buttigieg seemed to me like reasonable ‘seconds’. 

     I’m no fan of Uncle Joe Biden.  I believe he carries far too much bad baggage from too many of his years of ‘waffling’ positions on critical issues to be of value in what should be a generational change in government for the next century. Too many of the other candidates (including Bernie Sanders) seem like ‘single-issue’ candidates. We have social welfare problems aplenty but we have a very serious debt problem, with, possibly, a great depression, and international chaos hanging in the wings which could rapidly turn into WWIII just ahead. I’d like to have a person capable of handling those issues applying for the #1 job now. I don’t believe that any of the present candidates, including Donald Trump, even come close to qualifying. I keep wishing Michael Bloomberg had joined the competition but I’ll bet he is worried about those same factors I have just listed in a previous sentence and, if so, can understand why he didn’t apply. I’d like to bet that, if the stock market goes south, Donald Trump will resign the presidency rather than face impeachment or an election loss. He is basically a spineless coward full of false bravado and enormous egocentric needs. For some strange reason, I keep thinking of Louie XIV and his declaration, “Apres moi, le deluge!” when I consider the lack of moral character of the great Donald. Can you imagine him dealing with a depression or a world war?

     Fortunately (or unfortunately) the nomination contest has a long way to go.  Maybe we will get lucky and a truly competent candidate will emerge. For the time being, I’ll go with Warren and Harris. I’m not sure either one is qualified for the top of the ticket and I guess I’ll have to wait another four years for a candidate who has the spine to call out the corruption and  retrograde thinking of the Democratic National Committee. Forcing Uncle Joe into the contest proves their absence of clear thinking.

     Now that Hubris and I have had a day (or a week) of political depression, It’s time for us to take our Sunday evening ride along the ditch-bank. So, I saddle up and with a hearty shout of HI Ho Hubris, Aawaay! We are off in the cool evening air to clear our heads of wishful thinking. Only our Women’s Football Team brightened our days this past week—and for that we salute them and wish them well next Tuesday!  



                                    Copyright, Louis J. Christen, June 30,2019

Lou, The Lone Curmudgeon, writes again!