May 26, 2019

With the current Chief we have occupying the highest office in the land, and abusing that office at every opportunity, it just might be a valuable exercise take few minutes and think back to  the question, now on any intelligent person’s mind, “Just how in the hell did we elect this idiot to that office?” The fact that this kind of exercise is much akin to asking the old farmer why he closed the barn door after the cow was missing sort of begs the question.  One, he obviously didn’t know the barn door was open and two, he didn’t realize that the cow had gone out. In summary, all those excuses really mean that he just wasn’t paying any attention to anything-much less when the cow would need milking.

     I often have the feeling that that story is a direct reflection of the state of our electorate during the last 20 plus years. Think Clinton for 8 years, Bush for 8 years and then Obama for 8 years, In my mind, the shallowness (or absence) of their leadership skills resulted in in their absurd opposite (Donald Trump) being chosen by a frustrated electorate naive enough to believe what he said while running for office but which was totally contradictory to everything he had said and done in his life. The fact that he was allowed to run against a should-have-been jailed lair and thief was further evidence of an electorate that just wasn’t paying any attention to anything.  If ever there was a time when the electorate was as close to evil as either of the two main candidates for the office of president, I hope a real historian will tell me about it.

    And worse, in my opinion, our current two party system is now totally intellectually and morally bankrupt and both are absolutely dysfunctional.  I’m anxiously waiting (not sitting on the edge of my chair) to hear any reasonable political pundit write or speak as to how either party could save our society from the chaos (financial, social, economic and, (probably), world war just ahead. Can you imagine any significant number of serious Republicans (one is not enough) actually developing a social conscious? Or, can you imagine any Democrat actually endorsing a social welfare program and proposing a reasonable way to pay for it?  We have a congress based on raising money just to be reelected.  They are willing to pay any price, and compromise any ethical barriers to achieve re-election. Little changes will not solve big problems. My answer is that we Americans had better throw the whole bunch of useless politicians and our present electoral system out and start over on a new basis!  The #1 basic flaw in our present system is that money rules our political system.  The #2 flaw is that serving in a political office must not be a license to steal. It must become a true opportunity to serve our people.  Eliminate those two  flaws and we will have come a long way toward restoring our government to be a true representational democracy under the control and safeguards of our Constitution.

      I am fully aware that third party movements are the equivalent of political death but I want to propose it as a first step to get money out of politics.  Included in the name I have chosen for my new party is just one new but terribly significant word. That word is “Responsible!” If we had more responsible congress men and women we wouldn’t be in the mess we have today, The full name for my proposed new party is “The Responsible Social Democratic Party” (RSDP). Think about the possibilities! A Congress full of men and woman who are willing to take full responsibility for every vote they make! I’ll explain my platform next week. Until then, say a prayer for our veterans, And Hi Ho Hubris, Aaawaay!

     Lou Christen                         

Copyright 5/27/2019, Louis J. Christen

Lou, The Lone Curmudgeon, Writes Again