May 12, 2019

                (with a slight delay for medical reasons)

I woke up the next morning clear headed but a bit depressed by the words I had written on my yellow note pad. A little political chicanery—like Lefty’s inside leadership bunch had done to Bernie’s 2018 campaign for the nomination—I thought I could deal with, but this business of an electorate which had lost its moral compass seemed to me to need a “higher power” to come into the game. I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have a direct line to the Almighty but I really needed His (?gender?) help on this one.

     I also realized that our current chief was doing enough moral damage to our society that it might just wake up to that reality on its own and begin the long and probably slow job of self-correction.  That idea was a long shot at best! Then it occurred to me it was also possible that our Republican Senate could possibly wake up from its 22 year (plus) moral snooze and begin to take responsibility for the evil it had allowed to lead us into perdition. That idea may possibly be the worst example of wishful thinking I could be convicted of proposing! The last option could be that our chief would ultimately do one act truly deserving of immediate impeachment. My self-assessment of possibilities indicated that this last option was the one most likely to happen.

     Lefty’s DNC bunch had already proven its ability to fall back on old tricks (called shooting themselves in the same foot- twice!) by convincing Uncle Joe to enter the race and there-by pull enough votes from Bernie to let Jack’s chief win again.  Uncle Joe isn’t the leader the left needs to win this time (or last time!) around but the DNC hasn’t the ability to look past its nose to see what challenges the future leader of our society might be required to face.  And, frankly, I don’t see a truly capable candidate in their overflowing class of 2020 self-nominees.  Remember, I believe the position of “President” has gotten too big for one person, man or woman. And, I’ve told Bernie, up close and personal, that he was a fool for staying “in” the Democrat party.

     However, there is one wild-card in the deck that I haven’t mentioned. That is the possibility that the stacked cards of economic debt will come tumbling down before our MAGA Chief finishes his first term.  If that happens, I believe it would cause a feeding frenzy in both Republican and Democrat parties to find and nominate the person their leadership believes best suited to deal with the economic chaos at hand. I suspect the right would dump Trump in an instant and the left would be looking for a newly re-incarnated version of FDR. I’m afraid that the chances of either party finding the right person for the chaotic times to come is about zero to minus 5 below on the scale of reasonable possibilities.

     As if economic chaos wouldn’t be bad enough all by itself, we can add one more possibility to our basket of pending ‘troubles’ that could be caused by a totally evil and inept Chief of State. Weak and inept leaders often lead us into war (e.g., G.H. Bush.) Actually they don’t “lead” us into war, they just do, or let their subordinates do, dumb or stupid things, and then they are ego driven into acts of aggression as their ‘bully’ or ‘weak leadership’ character defects take over and they call on the dogs of war to represent them. We have just exactly those characteristics—or lack of moral character—in our Chief of State today.  I suspect he sees the idea of war with Iran to be the key to holding the Presidency to 2024.

     And so, in summary, we have a situation totally ripe for economic and social chaos.  We have weak or failed leadership in both political parties. We have a Chief of State who’s best friends are known killers, is known as a confirmed liar, a cheat, a bully, and a bragger of the highest order. He hates minorities and loves white supremacists. If he wasn’t our President, we would consider him a total “scum bag” and that would be a charitable description. We have an economy hanging on the precipice of the highest mountain of personal, corporate, and federal debt this country has ever incurred, and a world of political and social dis-order and instability that staggers the mind of any thoughtful citizen.

      Whenever I get into this kind of a frame of mind, there is only one thing to do.  I saddle up Hubris, pack a flake of alfalfa Hay in my saddle bag, fill my flask with my best Kentucky nectar,  mount up and with a hearty Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay, —we are off to Lefty’s place to see if I’m the only one on this planet who thinks the world has gone crazy.      


Copyright, May 14, 2019, Louis J. Christen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lou, The Lone Curmudgeon, Writes Again