January 22, 2021


Sorry friends, the Donald J. Trump day and nightmare isn’t quite over. Yes, Trump did leave the White House Wednesday morning with little fanfare and less ‘audience’ than a bad poker player might have when he was betting his last stack of chips. OK, the game is over and Donald J. Trump is no longer the President of the United States, but, the loser is walking away from the table with a loaded gun in his pocket. In the Trump era, that gun was called “revenge”. Only a conviction in the coming Senate impeachment trial and a ruling that Trump can never hold a government office again in the United States of American will render that ‘gun’ inoperative. Unfortunately, no one in America will know today ‘when’ the Senate trial will be completed or what the verdict will be, much less whether or not the Senate will vote to prohibit Donald J. Trump from ever holding federal office in the future. And so, the Trump nightmare continues for days, weeks, months, or possibly, years to come. The only time-determining factors are the impeachment trial, its’ outcome, and the continued existence of Donald J. Trump.

     It is both unfair and unfortunate, that the work of Joseph R. Biden, our new and lawfully elected President, in establishing his administration team will be delayed, in any way, because of the impeachment trial. It is also extremely unfortunate that our new President, Joe Biden, will have to contend with that trial at the same time he is working overtime, trying to put his new government in place—the delay which was purposely caused by his predecessor, Donald J. Trump and his Republican cohorts. So far, only three days into his administration, President Biden has proven that he is capable of walking strong, talking good sense, and chewing up Republicans, all at the same time. I’m going to continue to hope and pray that Joe doesn’t run out of energy and that the ultimate trickster, Mitch McConnell, plays straight with Joe for, at least, the next several weeks.

     In spite of all I’ve written above, I do believe that;

           #1. The impeachment trial must be held as soon as possible,

         #2. Donald J. Trump needs (but doesn’t deserve) time to prepare his defense,

         #3. The more time our Federal investigators have to analyze and establish exactly what happened on January 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, and who was responsible for what happened, the better the case will be for a ‘guilty’ verdict in the second impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.

     I’m going to go way out on the limb of political prognostication and tell you my guess as to the line of defense Trump’s attorney will take in the impeachment trial. That guess is: ‘Not guilty by reason of insanity.’ Good luck Donald and God bless America!

     As Angela Merkel, who says that she will resign as Chancellor of Germany later this year, might say, “It’s too early for ‘schadenfreude’ but you Americans deserve a wish of ‘Gott schutze dich’ for what you accomplished on Wednesday, January 20th.” She wouldn’t say, “Gesundheit!” because that word/phrase has been illegal to use in the United States since WWI and that law has never been repealed. So, be careful when you sneeze in the company of Germans and keep your fingers crossed until the trial is over.

     And lastly, this blog series has been about the 2020 Presidential nomination contest, the election, and the reign of terror by Donald J. Trump. That’s all over now except the second impeachment trial and the verdict that will close the final chapter. I’ll write that chapter when the trial is over and the verdict is rendered. Until then-

Adios Amigo! –and stay safe!


                  Copyright, January 22, 2021, Louis J. Christen

“It Ain’t Over, ‘til It’s Over!” Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!