October 30, 2020


Maybe only four more days ‘till we find out which way the political winds are really blowing? Personally, I’m totally angry and dead-tired of the constant parade of two-bit-shit polls, asking me to vote on either a candidate or an issue, immediately followed by an impolite, almost a demand, request for a contribution, coming into my e-mail inbox, cell phone, or mailbox. One day a candidate for–President, Vice President, Senator, Representative, Governor, State Legislator or an issue—-, is down in the polls so—send money NOW so YOU can help him/her/it move up, and, the next day, that same ‘whoever/whatever’ is up in the polls so—send money NOW so YOU can help him/her/it stay up in the polls. Every day the direction of our favorite (or hated) politician, or issue, is going a different direction in the polls—only the plea/demand for another contribution is the same. I also absolutely detest the way these pleas for money are written. They make the reader feel like the entire election hangs on that contribution. My favorite, most useless piece-of-shit ‘poll’ is the one in which the candidates multi-million dollar ‘war chests’ are compared, again followed by a request/demand for another contribution. Enough already!


     Maybe we should end all of the ‘party’, ‘platform’, ‘character, or ‘promises’ bull-shit in our elections and just put political offices up for sale to the highest bidder? Our politicians are just like high-priced whores in a world-class whorehouse! Too many of them are ‘for sale’ to the highest bidder. When our Supreme Court up-holds ‘Citizens United’ isn’t that the final judgment? In The United States of America, according to the ‘Supreme’ Court, the people don’t count, only money counts! We will never have any real democracy in this country until we get the money out of politics. The corollary to that claim is that we will never get the money out of politics as long as we have this ‘Supreme’ Court!—and politicians who favor money over morality, much less that they have a responsibility to govern honestly. Joe Biden isn’t thinking (and I hate to write that I sometimes doubt if he ever has): committees don’t change anything, real leaders do!


        As long as I am in a bad mood, I might just as well get the rest of my anger off my chest. I can’t believe the amount of idiot-apologists who are trying to ‘explain’ or ‘excuse’ Donald Trump for being the total idiot-asshole, narcissist-sociopath, he really is. I don’t have anything against having different opinions but let’s have honest discourse. Just imagine Donald Trump on the debate stage saying, “Look folks, I really hate those black people and lousy immigrants who rent the cheap-shit housing my organization built on borrowed money but, I love money and I am going to make it any and every way I can!. That’s my god-dam-given RIGHT! And, I hate the idea of letting those low-class, black, brown, or yellow assholes be allowed to vote! This country was founded on the basis that only white, property owning, male, adults would be allowed to vote and that’s the way it should be NOW! Democracy is total bull-shit! You want cheap-shit, poor people and immigrant-rapists having a say in how to run this country? You’ve got to be FUCKING CRAZY! And taxes? Only fools—and people who can’t afford really good accountants and lawyers—pay taxes! Military service? I’m dam proud that my Daddy had enough money to pay my doctors to keep me out of that organization of losers! Abortion? I don’t really know anything about abortion. But women? I love to fuck whores and all of my wives are really whores because the only reason they married me was for my money. I let them have as many kids as they want. When I get bored with one, I just pay her off and get rid of her. Foreign policy? I don’t give a shit about ‘fucking foreign policy’, I just do deals. That’s where the money is! And COVID, COVID, COVID ! I said that it would just “go away” and it will. I SAID SO! Look, I had the virus, it was nothing, and look at me now! That phony Doctor Fauci is just full of shit. He lies, and lies, and lies. He’s wrecking our economy! Masks and tests are for sissies! Let’s get back to sports and casinos—that’s REAL LIFE! You dumb fucks—are you listening to me? I love money and I hate any dumb shit who gets in my way of making as much of it for myself as possible. Now, get off your dumb, fat, asses and vote for me and I promise that I’ll MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! I promised that once before (and saying softly away from the microphone so he wouldn’t be heard- ‘and you dumb fuckers believed me’-) but that asshole Obama, screwed up the economy and allowed the Chinese to send the virus over here—JUST TO EMBARRASS ME!”


   Now, that’s being honest. I’d be much happier if he and his ‘jock-strap’ supporters would just say what he/they really believe. I respect opinions but I don’t care much for bull shit. People who love Trump ‘know’ what he is really saying when he talks and lives in his alternative universe. George Orwell would really enjoy seeing and hearing Donald Trump in action. And, I’d bet Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo would also! However, defining income and expenses to determine income taxes, taxes or tarrifs, foreign policy, women’s rights, abortion, health care, public education, racial justice, criminal justice, national parks, social security, welfare programs, climate change, and immigration policy (and others I’m not remembering right now) are serious issues and people have a right to hold differing opinions on all of them!


     Meanwhile, back on the ranch, we had 8” of snow one day-night this week. Hubris doesn’t like being out in the snow—he is very happy to stay in his stall in the barn and munch on alfalfa—and an occasional carrot or two. I’m getting too old to enjoy riding in the cold or snow, so, I’m pretty much house-bound until the snow melts and the temps rise. I’ve, very belatedly, discovered a New Mexican writer named Max Evans (now deceased) whose most famous novels are The High-Low Country and The Rounders. I’ve bought both—and six other of his 21    books— from Abe’s Books, a used book store on the web, and am laughing my head off at his tales of old and new-time cowboy life. Sitting in my recliner with a bottle of Uncle Jack’s finest on one side, a Max Evans book in my lap, and the reading lamp on the other, in front of the roaring kiva fireplace in my study, is the good life! Beats hell out of riding in the cold!


     So, no High Ho Hubris tonight! Adios Amigos-and stay safe!




               Copyright, October 30, 2020, Louis J. Christen

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