December 11, 2020


I know it can’t be due to my ‘clean living’, so it must be due to just plain old dumb luck that I have never known, or been related to, anyone who actually suffered from Alzheimer’s disease at the time of our relationship or could, or should, have been declared mentally insane, until now. I know there is a substantial difference between those two mental conditions, but in both of them, I believe it is a total waste of time to blame the illness on the patient. However, they seem to me to share one common essential element, that is— their relationship to reality. The Alzheimer’s victim slowly loses his or her sense-of-self, i.e., his or her sense of reality, while the person going insane develops an alternate or un-real ‘reality’, in which they live and malfunction. One substantial difference between those two diseases is the damage they do; the Alzheimer’s disease destroys only the ‘self’ of the unfortunate person who has that condition, the insane person does significant damage to others and the criminally insane person can set records for the amount and severity of the damage and the number of others to which the damage is done.


     Of course, that preamble is my introduction to the subject of this blog: is our President, Donald J. Trump, just totally inept or is he possibly criminally insane? That’s a very serious question and not one that I am personally qualified to answer. However, as a citizen, voter, and former substantial taxpayer of this great country, I am certainly qualified to ask that question in hopes that someone or some agency will, sooner than later, consider the seriousness of this matter. The difference between sooner or later is over 250,000 of our citizens are dead now and possible over 500,000 will be dead later, i.e., before the end of next year and the largest percentage of those numbers are due to the failure of Donald J. Trump to have our country prepared for, or take recommended action to reduce the effect of, the pandemic. If that ‘later’ number doesn’t catch someone of authority’s attention, I don’t know what will. Personally, I believe it is a terrible shame that this possibility hasn’t been investigated a long time ago.


     When Donald J. Trump became our president in January of 2016, he inherited a booming economy developed during the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who Mr. Trump has made very clear, he personally detests. (I could tell you ‘why’ I think Trump detests Obama but that is not the issue I am trying to deal with in this blog.) All was going along very well for President Trump until January of 2020 when the Covid-19 virus leaked out of Wuhan, (think downtown Chicago) China and soon developed into a world-wide pandemic which, because of actions by Trump and his partner in crime, John Bolton, the United States of America was not prepared to deal with.


     As the number of persons sick and dying from the pandemic increased, Donald J. Trump was asked why the United States was unprepared to deal with it. His answer was both profound and telling. Donald Trump, our (totally useless, dumb, stupid, or possibly criminally insane) President replied, “I’m not responsible for that.” He seemed to believe, early on, that the pandemic wasn’t really happening. Worse, after 250,000 deaths, he continues to deny the existence of the pandemic, much less the common sense advice of the medical professionals who try to counsel him and calls Doctor Anthony Fauci, the director of our National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a most respected physician and immunologist, “an idiot”! Sorry Mr. President, YOU are “either the dam idiot, or a criminally insane person” in this scenario! Our as-described-above President Trump has also ignored the reality that the pandemic is the single factor which is destroying the economy he, so unjustly, continues taking credit for, and desperately needed to insure his re-election. I believe it is now getting a bit late in the history of the destruction of our society but it is critical that we ask ourselves: is Donald Trump just totally inept or is he possibly criminally insane? Donald’s niece, Mary Trump a trained and certified Doctor of Psychology, has written a book in which she claims that her Uncle, Donald Trump is a narcissist-sociopath. She also warned her readers that Donald Trump had the potential to be “the most dangerous man in America.” We didn’t pay attention. I don’t think we can wait until she writes another book to start thinking or acting. I believe that Donald J. Trump is criminally insane. The proof of my claim is evident in the hospitals, mortuaries, and graveyards of America today. The sickness and deaths, the failing economy, and the long-term damage to our society are the results of the failure to assume the responsibilities of leadership by the present occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump. He is not inept, he is criminally insane. Only a criminally insane person would do what he has done and what he continues to do. I rest my case.


     Now, the problem is getting someone or some agency of government do initiate the action that will put him in an institution where he can no longer do harm to our people, our society, our government, and our country.


     Hubris said he was very glad that he was a horse, and therefore, had no responsibility to deal with serious political or societal matters. He also was honest in saying that he didn’t give a s–t about whether Trump was insane or not, as long as our supply of alfalfa would get him through the winter. When I mentioned that ‘our’ supply of alfalfa was contingent on my ability to pay ‘our’ bills in a dying economy he did, finally, perk-up his ears. No Hi Ho Hubris tonight! If you had read my last blog you know why. So- until next week, Adios Amigos, and, stay safe!


            Copyright, December 11, 2020, Louis J. Christen  

Ineptitude or Insanity? Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!