October 9, 2020


As the black SUV with darkened windows rolled down the street from Walter Reed Hospital with the very sick-looking, crumpled-over, yellow haired person waving pathetically from the back seat, I imagined hearing the big band (that wasn’t really there) at the head of the parade start to play ‘Hail to the Chief’. Then, as the music started, all the parade watchers took off their jackets, knelt down on them along the sides of the road, and bowed in homage toward the black van. All that was missing were waving palm branches and a humble man on a donkey, instead of a yellow-haired jackass who had lost his tanning-booth tan due to having contacted the Corona Virus—which happened because of his hubris, arrogance and stupidity—riding in a commandeered Secret Service vehicle.


     A ‘theater-of-the-absurd’ presidential campaign this isn’t supposed to be! But, with a ‘Donald J. Trump’ on the campaign trail, what else should we expect? It really isn’t difficult to remember that the ‘Donald’ isn’t at all ‘presidential’ and never has been. He’s just one big show-off/showman, lying, ego maniac, idiot-fool. And, if we expect to hear his Medical Staff Doctors at Walter Reed explain how and why he got out of the hospital, or the Secret Service explain how he got the Van and Drivers to accommodate him –we are probably bigger fools than Trump! Poor, simple-minded, honest, Joe Biden! How could an honest man, with absolutely no sense of humor, deal with this kind of a Shitshow? If he would just say something like, “Look, Trump is what he is!” —and leave the rest of that sentence unspoken, he could instantly pick up about 5 points in the polls. Joe doesn’t need debate lessons because Trump will not, ever, really ‘debate’ him. Joe needs to read and study the life and language skills of Will Rodgers. Humor would eviscerate the evil in Trump—by humiliation. Honesty, truth, and logic don’t, and won’t, matter to Trump because—he doesn’t, and never will, believe in such ‘loser’ character factors.


     I’ve never experienced an election campaign in my adult life in which the ‘lack of good, moral character’ is seen by a substantial segment of our electorate as a positive factor in a candidate—much less, in the President of our not-so-United States. How do I estimate his (lack of) moral character? With apologies to Elizabeth B. Browning, let me count the ways: he cheats on his school entrance exams, he is a draft-dodger, he robs banks by providing false certification of asset values to obtain financing for his business projects–which usually fail, he blatantly defaults on paying his vendors or contractors, he treats his wives as disposable property, he openly brags about his ability to grope women employees, he files false tax returns to evade paying income taxes, he uses his political office as a ‘for sale’ magnet to attract and extort money from crooked lobbyists and foreign governments by using his hotels, golf resorts and other of his over-leveraged properties as financial depositories to collect for the favors our government provides to them, he hates minorities, he loves white-supremacist and fascist organizations, he despises our soldiers who gave their lives to end WWII, and, to end this list with a question—which really defines his total lack of good character—when has Donald J. Trump even tried to do anything positive for anyone other than the great ‘Himself’ or his super-rich ‘friends’?


     Our ‘Leader’? Our ‘President’? Sorry, Donald J. Trump is our con-man, our social ‘Owl’s Mirror’ (a reflection of our social disorder), our embarrassment, our shame and our very own, elected (by the morally defunct, Electoral College), destroyer of democracy, narcissistic-sociopath, idiot and fool. What a mess our ‘Electoral College’ created! They should be called our ‘Governmental Democracy Nullification Organization! I should be able to come up with a better name–given a few hours and a shot or two of Uncle Jack’s finest. And tomorrow, we will have the VP candidate’s debate. I hope and pray that I will be able to stay awake for the entire ‘event’. It could be exciting.


     Well, exciting—it wasn’t. As I saw it, it was just another ‘demonstration-proof’ that our Vice President, Michael Pence, is a weak, stupid, feckless, toady for his mentor, our certifiably dangerous mental case, but now our brain-dead President, Donald J. Trump. The same lies, evasions of questions, and over-talking of his opponent during her time to speak as during the ‘Shitshow’ that was supposed to be a debate between Trump and Biden. Susan Page was just as useless in trying to control Pence as Chris Wallace was in trying to ‘moderate’ Trump. I find it absolutely amazing that the entire top tier of what used to be called the Republican Party is totally mind-controlled in subservience to Trump. If Donald J. Trump had any real ‘street-smarts, he would be close to being the most dangerous person on earth. Think how close he is (was?) to being another ‘Adolph Hitler’—before you start arguing with me. Actually, his real ‘idol’ is Vladimir Putin. Aren’t we lucky?


     I really don’t care whether or not there are any more ‘debates’. I seriously doubt they would provide any more real information than we already have to understand the difference between the Trump-Pence and the Biden-Harris positions. If I had to apologize to Graham Greene, the writer, I would, but I don’t think an apology is necessary. This election is one of the first in a long time that can be evaluated and decided on by using the elemental scale of black or white, i.e., evil vs good, —there are no shades of grey in this one.

     Hubris asked me what all the fuss was about over the use of his name in the media reports of Trump‘s condition. I had to explain that Trump’s ’hubris’ had nothing to do with him being called any part of a horse but it had a lot to do with him doing stupid things or making very stupid statements. I had given him that name as a caution to myself in my, perhaps, vain attempt to be a writer. As a real horse, he loves carrots—and apples, and alfalfa sun-dried cookies—when we can get them from Howie’s over-priced, coffee shop. He doesn’t have an ounce of ‘hubris’ in his heart or mind. And with that semantic clarification, Hubris said, “Lou, it’s a nice, cool evening. Let’s go for our ride!” And so, I saddled him up, put the William Tell Overture on the disc player, turned the barn speaker up to ‘high’, and with a hearty Hi Ho Hubris, Aawaay! we were out of the corral, through the orchard, out the main gate and onto the Rio Grande ditch banks. Until next week –Adios Amigos—and stay safe!



                                   Copyright, October 9, 2020, Louis J. Christen

Hail to the Chief? Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!