July 24, 2020


Either I haven’t been paying attention or I’m extremely naïve because I didn’t know or believe that our President, Donald J. Trump, had his own police force, which operates under the misleading name of the Department of Homeland Security, and that he could send it into United States cities at his whim and without the permission of the Governors of the states in which those cities are located or the Mayors of those cities. Watching the brutality of Donald’s police in Portland, Oregon on the TV news these recent evenings, reminded me of the film clips I saw years and years ago of Hitler’s ‘Brown shirts’ beating, killing, or capturing for shipment to the concentration camps, Jewish members of many European cities before and during WWII. Just how close are we, citizens of the United States of America, going let our certified sociopath President, Donald J. Trump, take us into becoming a fascist, third-world country, before we stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”?

     We are very lucky that, while Donald is a known-to-be seriously evil person, he doesn’t have the brains that god gave a goose, or, we would be well on our way to becoming a Russian-like society ruled by Trump’s impersonation of his power-mad, killer, idol, Vladimir Putin, and his Russian ‘Thugocracy’. Trump’s number one ‘thug’ is now, none-other than our Attorney General, William Barr! Trump’s #2 thug, Rudy Giuliani, hasn’t been heard from for months. I suspect Rudy is still in the Ukraine, looking for a Hunter Biden conspiracy to support his father’s election by taking over the natural gas industry world-wide. How lucky are we that neither Trump nor his present thugs have Putin-like smarts?

     Meanwhile, Robert Mueller, the writer of the ‘Mueller Report’, is being revealed as a gut-less wonder who didn’t have the balls (i.e., ‘courage’, in male descriptive terminology) to call a ‘crook a crook’ in his investigation into Trump’s invitation and acceptance of Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 election or Trump’s efforts and ability to ‘obstruct justice’ during the investigation thereafter. Robert didn’t realize that he was in a game of killer hardball and he was trying to play slow-pitch softball. Where did that expression, “Nice guys finish last” come from, the world of sports or politics? (Ans: Leo Durocher, Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, in 1946, re ‘Mr. nice guy’, Mel Ott, of the Giants, the Dodgers main rivals at that time.)  I believe that Robert Mueller wasted a great deal of our country’s time and emotion (not to mention, money) in his attempt to appease his former boss, William Barr. Continuing the baseball analogy, Mueller had a chance to win the game, when a hot, line drive came straight at him, but he fumbled the ball for a long time before he threw it into the opposing team’s dugout. And now, the bases are loaded and old ‘jolt’n Joe’ Biden is being brought out of retirement and is coming to bat. America, it’s the last of the ninth inning, score tied, bases loaded, but——- hold on now—— it’s time for a commercial break! I’ll pick up the play-by-play on November 4,.2020, blog #95.

        And, yes, I am really worried about Joe Biden having the energy and stamina to stand up to the expected Trump ‘nastiness’ in the coming debates, assuming they both get through their  virtual conventions and are confirmed as their party’s candidates. In a year that almost nothing is ‘normal’, a lot of totally crazy stuff could happen in the next few months.  While, at present, Joe Biden seems to be the sure choice of the Democratic establishment, there are rumors of Republican dissatisfaction with Donald Trump continuing to carry the party flag. Trump has a (very small) mind of his own and is known for not taking the advice of anyone other than his immediate family members. Much like an old world Mafia boss, he can’t trust anyone other than a blood relative. (Watch out Jared, you may be the next advisor to get ‘thrown under the bus’!)

      Donald has been digging the grave, in which to bury his Presidential tenure and reputation, deeper and deeper since day one of his administration. It was a mystery to me why William Barr has been trying to come to his rescue since he came out of his fat-cat retirement to serve as Trump’s enabler-Attorney General, until I ‘woke up’ one afternoon this week with a flash of revelation to equal the lightning bolt that shut down my computer and ‘disappeared’ almost a full page of this blog. William Barr and Donald Trump are motivated by exactly the same elements of avarice, greed, and hatred of others who threaten their entitlement, that got Donald Trump elected in the first place! The more I read about racial hatred and prejudice in American, the better I understand our Country’s history and how and why Donald got elected. The year that slavery was introduced in America, 1619, seems like a long time ago. However, the more I read about the Un-Civil War and the ‘Reconstruction’, the more I realize that the issues of racial equality and its’ counterpart, white-supremacy, have yet to be resolved. I’ve been writing the phrase, “The Civil War isn’t over, it has never ended” for years without realizing how it applies to today’s Donald J. Trump, William Barr, Tom Cotton and most of the Trump endorsing Republican Senators and a large, very large, portion of the American electorate. Racial hatred and white supremacy are very much alive, although they sometimes seem to be in regression, in America today. Perhaps the Donald J. Trump administration will be viewed in history, much like a ‘last wave’ of the Covid 19 virus, the last gasp of the disease ‘hatred of others’ before decency and equality are restored on the way to the United States of American becoming a true Democracy. Too much to hope for? I think not!


                                                                     Copyright, July 25, 2020, Louis J. Christen

Enough is Enough!, Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!