January 8, 2021



‘Things’ are surely getting exciting!  Anybody who says ‘politics is boring’ isn’t paying attention. So, Democracy Lives! -at least as of today. Hold on, the next thirteen days could be even more exciting than the last seven.

Blog #104, January 8, 2021, Title Democracy Lives! -or Dies?

Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!


Sunday, January 3rd, 2021. This is going to be one hell of a week! I had just released my blog #103 (Yesterday, Saturday, January 2nd) when our fool of a President, Donald J. Trump, called Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State of Georgia, who happens to be a Republican, and spent an hour on the phone trying, cajoling, and threatened him to “find just enough votes plus one” to change the results of the previously certified Presidential election so that he (Donald J. Trump) would be declared the winner in Georgia. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, but fortunately for Mr. Raffensperger and the American electorate, that call was being recorded. Just who decided to record it and how the Washington Post received that tape recording of it is, at this moment, unknown to me, but it just happens that The York Times also received the recording. I realize that suspicions don’t count for much but (Nevertheless) I suspect that the Secretary of State was just trying to cover his ass, as any smart politician should do when dealing with an insane, idiot like Donald J. Trump who, unfortunately, is still his (and our) President. And then on Tuesday we have the Georgia runoff elections, and Wednesday, the official, ceremonial certification of the presidential election results. It should be an interesting week for a wanna-be political commentary writer!

     Monday, January 4th, about noon. The fact that the White House had to place that call more than 18 times before Brad answered it shows that he had more than a slight premonition as to just what the call might be about. I can just see that great American Statesman-Senator from Texas, Tom Cruz now squirming in his chair, trying to decide whether to change his wet and dirty pants or get off the pot (his team) of corrupt Republican anti-Americans who are planning disrupt the confirmation proceedings tomorrow. And, what effect this incident is going to have on the Georgia runoff election tomorrow is anybody’s guess. OK, my guess is that it will weaken the Republicans by about 1%.

   Tuesday, January 5th, began and ended with continued dismay over Trump’s phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State. Most intelligent people (Yes Virginia, there are a few of those left in Wash., D.C.) concluded that Trump had either a death wish or he is totally insane. The smart money is on the latter. The Georgia election happened without incident (amazing and wonderful!). However, there was extremely high turnout and it looked like it was going to be a down-to-the-wire, real, American election nail-biter!

     Wednesday, January 6th. I started the day off with two cups of black, high-octane, coffee, anxiously watching CNN news as the election results were slowly being tabulated. Unfortunately, CNN News was so taken with their ‘This Just In’ election reporting and ‘Breaking News’ analysis/forecasting that they didn’t cover the incendiary speeches by Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani inciting-to-riot the angry mob of thousands of Trump supporters jamming the streets around the Capitol buildings. And worse, CNN gave little coverage to Trump’s tweets to his supporters also inciting them to riot. Obviously, CNN directors considered their wonderful ‘Talking Heads’ more important than the attempted coup of government that was happening at the Capitol. After the very walls (and halls) of our government were breached, CNN finally realized that ‘bigger news’ was happening, Mr. John King was temporarily shoved aside, and we were shown pictures of Trump-terrorists and Neo-Nazis breaking windows and doors of the Capitol Rotunda while the incredibly small police force of dozens was trying to defend the barricades to the very chambers of our government from an angry mob of tens of thousands of Trump-loyalists. Donald J. Trump got just what he wanted. He incited his followers to riot while he watched them do his bidding from the safety of the White House on a television set. Donald J. Trump, the world’s most inept leader, didn’t have the balls to lead his own revolution. I was glued to my chair in front of Jane’s large-screen high-definition, TV set the entire day. I did switch from black coffee to Scotch-and-water just after lunch and called it a day when the police reinforcements finally arrived and the Trump insurrectionists were removed from the Capitol building, the barricades, and, finally, from the Capitol grounds just after dark in Washington, D.C. I fell asleep knowing our country and government were safe but not knowing if Congress reconvened and certified Biden and Harris as winners of the presidential election or who won the runoff elections in Georgia. I had had enough of (bad) politics and watching (sad) history happen for one day!

     Thursday, January 7th, started off on a high note for me with the news that both Warnock and Ossoff had won the Senate seats in Georgia. And, it was during (my) breakfast that I heard the ‘second high-note’ of my day when the first mention of the possibility of Article 25 of our Constitution being invoked to remove Donald J. Trump from office. All I could do was shout at the TV screen that those dumb fuckers in Washington haven’t been paying attention. I have been claiming that Donald Trump is, and has been, insane for over two years and I probably was more than two, three, or twenty years late at that time. Impeaching him again isn’t going to solve the problem. Donald J. Trump has to be put away for a long time. Either he goes to a mental institution or to jail for, at least, the next ten years. Just as Mary L. Trump warned, we can’t have “the most dangerous man in America” ever running lose again.

     Given what we all have heard about Trump’s failed attempt to get his Vice President, Michael Pence, to debase (i.e., violate) his personal ethics and the oath-of-office he took to up-hold our Constitution by supporting maverick, Trumpist-Republican’s efforts to de-certify the Electoral College votes, it is certainly interesting that the action to initiate that Article of our Constitution must be filed by non-other than our (fanfare please) Vice President! This should be a ‘no-brainer’ for Mike but, as the blind man said to the judge, “we’ll see.” Stay tuned for the last day of reporting on the most terrible week in the most horrible last year of the Trump miss-administration.

     Friday, January 8th started off as a ‘bummer’. Our Vice President showed his true lack of patriotism and character by refusing to sign-in to the use of Article 25 to take Donald J. Trump out of office. Maybe Pence just didn’t want to ‘play President’ for only thirteen days? Or, maybe he didn’t want to be in a position to have to consider ‘pardoning’ the man who betrayed him, not to mention betrayed his country? Maybe I missed it but it sure would have been nice if Pence had made a statement as to why he wouldn’t initiate the process to remove an insane President from office. Now, we get to see if Nancy and Chuck can move fast enough to impeach Donald for a second time. And we get to see if the great ‘Donald’ can talk his way out of jail –or an insane asylum. When, and probably before, all is said and done, it certainly has been an exciting week! The bad news is that Donald J. Trump has another almost two weeks to do more damage to,and create more chaos in, our fragile democracy. Stay tuned. Only two more of these blogs and the saga of the Terrible Trump Tragic Times will be over.

     As usual, Hubris didn’t want to comment on the events of the week. However, he did say, “When people call Donald Trump a ‘horse’s ass’, why would you expect a horse to be anything but insulted?” Enough, and well said! So, until next week—-

     Adios Amigo, and stay safe!


              Copyright, January 8, 2021, Louis J. Christen

Democracy Lives! -or Dies? Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!