November 20, 2020


It is now almost three weeks since Election Day and almost two weeks since the result were ‘called’ by CNN TV news. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now considered to be our President-elect and Vice President-elect respectively. Unfortunately, there is a lot of difference between the words ‘respectively’ and ’respectfully’. Our fearless President, Donald J. Trump, ever true to form, is doing everything legal and illegal he can or is allowed to do, to delay the certification of the election results, and continues to be grossly disrespectful to the man who clearly and honestly defeated him in the election. Trump stupidly proclaims he actually won the election and the votes, as presently tallied, are fraudulent. Trump’s display of ego, arrogance and bad manners that continues to divide our electorate only confirms the total lack of moral character his almost four years in office have demonstrated. Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic numbers of new sickness and deaths reaches new highs every day. Trump, and his Republican Senate enablers, will bear the responsibility for the majority of the estimated (my estimate) 300,000 deaths of United States citizens from the pandemic before January 20, 2021, when he may have to be literally ‘thrown out’ of the White House. Then, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the U. S citizenry will inherit the medical, economic, and social damage caused by his absolute failure of leadership in not preparing for, and then not following sound medical advice, before and during the pandemic. President Donald J. Trump has done his best to destroy the United States of America. He came uncomfortably close to doing so.


     Unfortunately, I’m beginning to feel that my belief that a ‘democracy’ is the best form of government for the United States of America is very close to putting me in a minority group of our electorate. I think it is now reasonably clear that the only reason Trump lost the election was that he was Donald J. Trump, a totally evil, corrupt, ego maniac, person and a totally inept manager during the pandemic. He didn’t lose the election because he hates minorities, despises women and people of color, and restrictions or legal limitations on his perceived right to lie and cheat in his business dealings. While the final election numbers are not yet confirmed, Biden now leads Trump by close to 5 million votes (approx. 80M to 75M) but that means not only did Biden win but Republicans and/or Trump-believers are 48.4% of our electorate! That seventy-five million votes is the largest number of votes ever given to a losing candidate! It’s no wonder that most of the world saw America on the verge of becoming another Nazi Germany, or Fascist Spain. If that isn’t a scary thought, you probably haven’t read a history book about Europe after World War One.


     As far as I’m concerned, the November 3rd election was a ‘squeaker’. Worse is the reality of watching Donald Trump continuing to show his true colors, a person who cares only about his own welfare and little about the people of the country who foolishly chose him to be our President in the 2016 election, and now refuses to admit his defeat and turn over the reins of government in a gentlemanly fashion, just like the majority of his predecessors had done. If I had to find a single element to define Trump’s presidency, it would have to be his ‘consistency’ in putting his personal welfare above the welfare of the American people. The one ‘other element’ that defines his presidency, and is really scary (to me), is the percentage of our electorate that endorsed, and continued to endorse, his behavior. The level of meanness, hatred of others and selfishness in what used to be called “the loyal opposition” is beyond my ability to comprehend. The image of the Republicans use to be: old, white, conservative, stuffed shirts is now one of middle-aged, under-educated, white, thugs, wearing MAGA hats and driving (much too fast) motorcycles or pick-up trucks that carry waving American and Confederate flags. They all have guns. Most of them have automatic weapons. True patriates, all? I’m seriously worried about the future of our country. Fortunately, since I’m eighty-six YOA. and soon (December 17) to be eighty-seven, I don’t have to be worried about myself. Worrying about my children, and grandchildren is another story for another time.


     One of the very small pleasures of growing old(er), is that a person who has reached my age and believes he, or she, can still think (correctly), is to be able to give themselves the permission to write, or say, just what they really believe. These last four years, this election, this totally useless, idiot, that presumes to be our ‘President’, this economy, this pandemic, and this totally divided and perverse electorate, gives me license to say what I really think. Folks, I believe that we are in big trouble now and much worse trouble is just ahead! Our electorate is incredibly divided, our economy is in shambles, our culture is nowhere to be seen, our national morality is down to casinos, strip shows, and massage parlors, our amateur sports are being monetarized, and our government direction is determined by fools like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham! In summary, we are screwed! What are we to do now? I’m afraid that praying for poor old Joe Biden might not help as much as I would like it to. So, I am asking you, my family and friends, to tell me what you believe our country’s type of government should be. All opinions will be respected, no matter how left or right of center they may be. I’ll discuss your replies only with Hubris and then, next week, will do my best to sum then up and list them in my Nov 27th blog. Please, if you don’t want to be quoted, just say (write) so in your reply. I promise I’ll not quote you. I’ll also promise that my December 4th blog will be titled Georgia, On My Mind


     With that caveat, I’m heading for the liquor cabinet. Adios amigos and stay safe!



                Copyright, November 20, 2020, Louis J. Christen


Sorry folks, I was a bit dizzy yesterday, probably due to my Parkinson’s problem,  and just didn’t get my blog finished and sent on schedule.  However, since the political circus seems to be ‘on hold’ due to Donald’s temper tantrum over the election results, I doubt my ‘day late’ will matter. Enjoy -with a stiff drink in hand.

Delay, Divide, and Destroy! Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!