December 18, 2020


The telephones in the American Airlines ticket office in suburban Chicago were literally ringing off their cradles. Everybody in Chicagoland seemed to want to go somewhere—NOW! The same was true in the Chicago Bears’ ticket office, downtown theaters, and restaurants. Marshall-Fields was jam-packed with buyers looking for last-minute, extravagant, presents to place under the Christmas tree for the big family parties now scheduled for the coming holiday weekend. All major restaurants were fully-booked for the ten-day holiday period just ahead. The famous East Bank Club, on Ohio Street, had so many over-heated adults in their saunas and steam-rooms, the management had to call in the social-politeness police to prevent orgies from happening on their premises. Out West, the most famous ski-resorts like Alta, Aspen, Vail, and Taos, where so over-booked that even a certified Dachshund avalanche/rescue-dog couldn’t have found a room in the inn. Yes! The good times are rolling again!


     Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic was only a Democrat fantasy. It never really happened. All of that bull-shit about people being sick was just a fairytale to make Trump look bad. That disease crap was just an idiot-liberal story made up by crazy, useless, Mexican thugs, who wanted a ‘get out of jail free’ pass to get into our great country—in order to rape and rob anybody dumb enough to want them here. You know that those useless, crazy, liberals, just want those rapist and robbers to be certified as citizens, so they can vote for that brain-dead, socialist, Joe Biden, and that black whore, his Vice President, Kamala, or whatever her real name happens to be. And you know for sure that those democrat-bastards, stole this election from Trump, and he is going to tell his attorneys to file election-decertification suits until their cows come home, or, Donald J. Trump is declared the real winner of that stolen election. Trump HATES democrats and the very idea of a democracy -and his friends do too! Their motto is, “Screw the America and the kind of a government the dumb, fucking, liberals want! We want our freedom to carry guns, go unmasked anywhere we want to go, and live in locked and armed compounds that no cheap, poor, liberal bastard will ever be allowed to enter.


     OK friends, how is that for a few views into very ‘alternate’ realities? I think that I have found, as the writer I truly admire, Graham Green, would say, “The heart of the matter.” America is divided almost 50/48% NOT over the issue of Democrat or Republican but whether we want a democracy or a republic—as our white-male, elitist, founders envisioned our future government to be. This has, in my opinion, become a sort of ‘hidden-agenda’ in political discourse in our country. Our politicians, and our media, talk about ‘republicans’ or ‘democrats’ but don’t dare talk about what the real issue is: equality for all people or continued power for our privileged few (i.e., over-aged, arrogant, white, males of English or European descent,)


     I, being a charter member of that classification, truly believe that it is high time for a new direction in American political thinking to be welcomed. Calling this kind of thinking ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’ is just partisan stupidity, or verbal political illiteracy. Unfortunately, our American electorate, and our American media, is so poorly educated they don’t even know what those labels mean. And, unfortunately, this is the evidence of our country’s biggest problem: we don’t really have an educated electorate! I don’t believe that our, or any, democracy is going to survive, much less thrive, without an educated electorate! If any of my readers are asking ‘why’ I write that we don’t have an ‘educated’ electorate, I ask them to just look at the history of Blacks being denied an education in the South, before and after, the Un-Civil War! A certain percentage of our society deserves some ‘catch-up’ time, and we members of the privileged class, must provide that time, and foster the educational opportunity our minority members need and deserve.


     White America won’t easily get off the hook for more than three-hundred years of slavery and prejudice without some serious effort to correct the damage caused by those two factors. I believe, and hope, that some of us (maybe 50%?) ‘white folks’ are now ready to provide that effort and have been willing to do so for a very long time. Unfortunately, there is a large minority of ‘white folks’ (maybe 48%?) who don’t want Blacks ever to be educated. I suspect you would find a large majority of Trump supporters in that group. However, either we do that very soon, or Donald Trump’s ‘alternate reality’ will become ours. I don’t want that to happen. Some people think that this is a sort-of ‘comic-book’ issue. I am not in that class of ‘alternate reality’ believers. I believe this is the most critical issue ever to confront the American electorate. It is the ‘parent’ issue of which slavery was a very significant part. “All people are created equal” is the essence of a democratic society and that simple but profound phrase is the core of the issue that is dividing us. A democracy is inclusive. But we are a country terribly divided and many of our core social organizations have long been based on ‘exclusion’ not ‘inclusion’. (Think from the KKK, to fraternities/sororities, to country clubs.) Our divide must be reconciled, and we need to get that effort up to ‘warp-speed’ ASAP!


     I wrote in my last blog, that I believe Donald J. Trump is criminally insane. Now, one week later, I believe even stronger in that accusation. The only readers of that blog who took issue with me were more concerned about my statement that both the Alzheimer’s victim and the criminally insane person lack personal responsibility for those mental illnesses. I was reminded of the fact that trial lawyers often use the claim of insanity to keep their clients out of jail. Trump is between a rock and a hard place. If he claims insanity as the excuse for tax evasion in New York Courts he just might evade a jail sentence but could be locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his life. Does Mar-A-Lago have a mental institution on its’ property? Stay tuned! As the world famous St. Louis philosopher (Yogi) once said, “This ain’t over, ‘till it’s over!”


     As usual, Hubris wanted nothing to do with the issue of whether the United States of American should have Democracy or a Republic (or something in between those alternatives) as its’ form of government. Personally, I’m just hoping our politicians in all levels of our government will start showing some good, old-fashioned ‘horse-sense’ in solving our problems. Getting Trump out of the White House and into jail or a mental institution should be a good ‘first-step’ in allowing that to happen. So, until next week,

     Adios Amigos –and stay safe!


     Copyright, December 18, 2020, Louis J. Christen

Alternate Realities. Lou (The Lone Curmudgeon) Writes Again!