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“Summer on the White Grass” “The Four Seasons of Morality” Introduction: When writing a book, especially one’s first book, it is essential to have a clear idea as to what the book will be ‘about’. Long before finishing the eighth


  “This book is very engaging and readable. I found it very enjoyable. (I’m) Not sure how I feel about the political commentary but it helped (me) to think about things from a different point of view.” t.i.m –on Amazon

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Summer on the White Grass Selected Short Excerpts   Chapter 1, Page 15 – I was born in St. Louis, Missouri but was brought home very soon thereafter to the little town of Ferguson in December of 1933. Yes, the

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Lou Christen, Author ‘Summer on the White Grass” Born: St. Louis, Missouri, December 17, 1933 Family Home: Ferguson, Missouri– 1933-1957 High School: Christian Brothers College High School, Class of ‘51 College: St. Louis University, Class of ’55, Degrees: BS in


My first obligation is to provide a big basket of flowers as ‘thanks’ and ‘appreciation’ to my Editor, Linda Lupowitz for her patience and willingness to put up with a wannabe writer who didn’t (and still doesn’t) know the difference

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    To Order Lou’s Book (for friends of Lou Christen or Jane Butel, or friends of the White Grass), signed copies of “Summer” are offered at $30.00 (hardbound) and $15.00 (softbound), Postage paid. Send check made payable to Lou

Summer on the White Grass

Summer on the White Grass: The Four Seasons of Morality   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 24, 2017 Is now in print and available for distribution through Ingramspark Worldwide! It documents: The History of the Failure of Leadership and the Decline

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